Sunday, May 11, 2014

objects of his dreams

Image: Courtesy of Sunday Whirl Wordle #160

Sunday Whirl
With words:
axe clumsy dreams glass land listen
name rub settle shattering sky vanish

an axe to grind
but clumsy in his dealings
had hoped to find
objects of his dreams

with glasses  in his hands
and an uncanny talent
a job he could land
if they could just listen

he could name names
with whom he rubbed  shoulders
to settle in and rise to fame
to the consternation of others

Worked with shattering speed
To gain a foothold
The sky is the limit
To garner aspirations for his soul

Had worked with such relish
Lest all should unwittingly vanish

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl


  1. working hard can be the only way to find and achieve those dreams..if they are real..and 'you' are too! (I like your reward poster ;)

  2. ah it's sad if someone works so hard for something and the dreams still not come through... it's never too late for a new dream though...

  3. Working hard is OK but it is your attitude as well. So don't hog the limelight, e.g Let someone else have their picture taken under the Eiffel Tower!

  4. Hard work goes a long way, but have to stop and smell the roses too

  5. Love the rhythm of this. And the sentiment! Simply love the whole thing! Well done!

  6. Your wording and the rhythm forces a fast-paced read, Hank. Strong work.

  7. Hank,, this worked excellently for me.. a shattering speed in work can sometimes just vanish.. I know this too well

  8. what good are all the names you rub shoulders with if in the end you fall short of your dreams....

  9. Unfortunately someone always has an axe to grind, Hank. Strong write.


  10. now that's an effortless wordle... :)

  11. Powerful poem, that flowed smoothly.