Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dignified in stature

                                                                                    Attribution: Yathin Krishnappa
Image: One's personality cannot be like this (here)

To stake a claim nonchalantly
Without recourse seemingly
Live a life the way one feels
To keep oneself on even keel

Rights unquestionably guaranteed
Keeps one’s welfare in good steed
Try to avoid the clutches of vultures
Waiting to impose their sordid cultures

Know when to shut one’s gap
And take pains from getting a rap
When called upon state opinions
Not be harassed by bullying minions

Dignified in stature always blessed
Maintain high esteem at its best
Accorded due respect of a being
Not forsaken but to clean living

Note:  Question: 'who are you and whom do you love'
           Answer:   I'm me, loving me!

For Marina's hosting at d"Verse where one
is to ask 'who are you and whom do you love'


  1. smiles...i would like to think i can lay down my opinions any time i need...but also try to set aside when need because they can at times get in the way...

  2. Being dignified in stature is definitely a worthy goal to strive for.

  3. i can relate to keeping oneself on even keel and knowing when to shut one's gap!
    and i like the photo - small stature but dignified :)

  4. It's wonderful to love yourself.

  5. smiles... there's a time for everything i guess...for speaking our mind bold and openly and sometimes it's maybe wise to keep the mouth shut (note to self...ha) smiles

  6. And how can we love someone else if we don't love ourselves first? For me, this poem speaks to integrity.

  7. me loving me is a good thing capture nicely here

  8. I got the impression you are comfortable in your own skin. With the dignified in stature were you using a double entendre about your height ? I liked this.

  9. What a well grounded person you seem to be...like especially your answer to this question. Bravo:) Oliana

  10. I like your response Hank, dignified & striving for clean living ~

  11. Loving me.. A great thing if you combine it with the right virtues.

  12. Nicely written, Hank, just what I thought of you before you wrote it.

  13. Ha! Quite a manifesto there - and so much better than living according to other's expectations, hiding your true self, and being resentful about it. I like the picture too!

  14. It's good to love and accept yourself!