Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swept off my feet

                                                                                         Attribution: Martin Stranka
Image: Courtesy of Mag # 219  (here)

Was Swept off my feet
By a handsome Prince Charming
It did not come neat

On my back lying
And that was how it ended
But still off my feet

Care to make a dare
Meant to be good or bad luck?
Not standing on air!

For Tess' Magpie Tales


  1. could be good or bad...its nice to feel you are floating as long as love is supporting you....but when you lose that...its a hard crash...

  2. Being swept off one's feet and set afloat isn't bad (it can even be a delicious romp) while the one being swept knows what going on. For even if things go terrible wrong, and there is a fall, the thinking heart will have enough brain to do like a cat and land on all fours. Falling can still burn the hands and skin the knees if the lander isn't an experienced beast.

  3. the speaker's taken a great risk i see...

  4. Swept and floating high, let's hope it doesn't backfire and then they cry, but have to try

  5. The world seems all lovey dovey when in love but when it ends everything ends too.

  6. Sounds like a truth or dare question to me! Very nice!

  7. Might not be a good thing if you never come down...

  8. Oh but you have to take that chance...

  9. I like the idea of being swept away..

  10. In my experience (and I almost wrote vast experience) once you're on your back Prince Charming turns into Dr Jekyll... Very relatable, regardless of whether you're a romantic or (as in my case) not.

  11. Love is a risky thing. But worth it, eh?

    Well done.