Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Most elegant ten-letter word

                                                                                         Attribution: BrokenSphere
Image: An Unlikely Pyramid (here)

Most elegant ten-letter word there is
Apparent but sometimes sadly missed
May be disregarded or totally ignored
Or abused by those inconsiderate lot
But those who appreciate it
Will be one to most benefit


A word commonly seen
Most admired by those who put value to it
Binds the bond of sincerity
Between two people or of many
Even naturally known sworn enemies
A Mouse Cat and a Dog
Are found to co-exist
And physically resting together
To form a pyramid
An unlikely feat
But it did!

Gabriella's hosting at Poetry Jam  -  Friendship


  1. I think the world would be a better place if we all tried to make friends with one another.

  2. What a cool photo, Hank. And poem. I know people who have a number of dogs, a cat or two, and a pet mouse; and indeed it is true they do learn to at least co-exist.

  3. They all can learn to live as one indeed. Although they don't look the happiest lol

  4. When all else is gone, friendship is what matters most!

  5. My former cat and dog really got on well. I always wondered how the cat felt when she lost her friend, a few years before she passed away too. Whether we are animals or human beings, friends do matter.

  6. friends are def treasure to be cherished...and it takes work...and cultivation but once those bonds deepen...yeah, it will last...smiles.

  7. This made me smile. If we could all just get along. :0)

  8. Yes let us all please just be friends--just like that cute dog and cat in the photo!!

  9. Oh Hank, this is wonderful!

  10. a cool photo...we have lots to learn from them but humans are political beings so they
    are determined to be foes...ugh...

  11. Well, THAT is a pretty cool friendship, Hank! This post made my day!

  12. Friendship means different things to different people. Like ' love' the word is used too casually for my tastes !

  13. You are never short of idea, my friend. The need for that has brought us closer dispite the distance.

  14. Binds the bond of sincerity was what got me most, out of the whole, beautiful, poem! Lovely

  15. Wonderful poem and lovely sentiments. How much better the world would be if only we were like the animals int he photo...