Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Of Radiance so Apparent

                                                                                           Attribution: David Prasad
Image: President Abe Memorial (here)

Allegory Persona Warmth Luminous Messiah Vitiligo
Glass Plate Door  Pernicious Epochal  Shadow

An allegory of form
Depicting a persona
Of warmth like no other
Of radiance so apparent
A luminous figure
Messiah in stature

None of vitiligo in its making
But colorless in all of its bidding
Not nebulously choked
But clear as glass

The door towards one people
Devoid of pernicious intentions
Served on a plate of opportunities
Epochal in its nature
Relevant to the American dream
Beyond a shadow of doubt

Anthony's set of 12 words to be used in a poem
at d'Verse's Poetic: Haphazard fashion


  1. Quite the statue indeed, living up to the man as it depicts what few actually get anymore

  2. An ever revolving door of opportunity

  3. great last was...he led us on a step in the right direction
    in a much bigger where we are all equal....

  4. Those were challenging words, but you used them well.

  5. Hank, last spring I was in DC and I had the chance to take a tour of all the monuments and the Lincoln Memorial had a very powerful presence. I like where you went with the words.

    1. Was in DC a long time ago. Stood in front of Pres Abe and watched as he too gazed at the changing of guards in front of him (together with other tourists) Visited the Museums around, also, Arlington and saw the White House in the distance. Did you go to the Museum of Modern Art? It was fantastic. Even the building was poetry!


  6. Very apt use of the words, Hank! Congratulations on using them all so effortlessly it seems.

  7. flowing well said....

  8. Smooth writing Hank.. I think you made the maximum use of the words without doing something overly complicated.. great message

  9. I haven't visited that place but would like to in the future ~ Excellent weaving of words Hank ~ Have a good week ~

  10. Wonderful take on the prompt and I agree with Bjorn, great message.

  11. good use of the words... really liked the 2nd stanza! all around nice poem :)

  12. Clever use of the words. Enjoyed this one this comprehensible poem.

  13. A nice tribute to the persona and man of stature. Nice one Hank.