Saturday, May 24, 2014

Minutes to closing time!

                                                         Attribution: Colin Brown
Image: Aftermath of a bank robbery showing
the exploded red dye on some abandoned 
stacks of 20's (here)

Minutes to closing time
Tellers busy counting cash
Is still a long line.
Banking hall is safe place

Others clearing their tables
Storing up for the night
Suddenly a commotion - trouble!
Freeze! ... 'you move we shoot!'

They got their loot
They rushed to the exit
No one got hurt
All over within minutes!

(53 words)

Note: This is supposedly about a safe place but still it is not!

Prompt: To write in 53 words or less about a safe place
For Margaret's hosting of Mama Zen's Challenge #1 at Real Toads


  1. i guess these days the bank is a bit of a safer place...less outlaws busting them up...and less people too with so much online banking...

  2. It's getting harder and harder.. No cash in the bank soon.. Crimes will take new ways.

  3. a different take on safe places... :)

  4. Some places aren't so safe, but still safer than before

  5. Ah! A good, old-fashioned bank heist! People may think banks are a safe place to keep their cash from thieves, but sometimes the thieves are the banks themselves!