Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Friendly Fire Warmth

                                                                                       Attribution: Murphy Karen
Image: Unfriendly Bush Fire at Sunset
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

3WW  -  faithful, isolate, scrutinize

In the heat of play
Fire away
It had never been
That many a day
Fire can grip the attention
Of that many situations

A faithful an element
Snugly giving warmth
Food and eating such a delight
In the kitchen everything’s right

Pardon me your slip’s showing
Fire not a plaything
To scrutinize proper
A dangerous venture
Or a glitch and inferno
The San Diego fiasco (here)
Fourth of July blow-up remember?
The ground shook
Only 15 seconds it took!

To isolate is healthy
Be in good company
Fire is a friend
Don’t buck the trend

Written for alan's at Poetry Jam with  - fire 
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3WW  -  faithful, isolate, scrutinize


  1. Yes, we definitely need 'fire' in order to enjoy our food. It would be hard to live without the warmth of good (warm) food and the warmth of pleasant company!

  2. Fire controlled right sure helps in the night

  3. Fire can be friend or foe..maybe it depends how wisely it is treated..but yes..always good to be warm in all ways!

  4. its a balance you know....the good with the bad with fire....its power....without the heat he die...and yet with it we can die as well....

  5. This is excellently captured that balance between fear and acceptance. More to this than meets the eye. Well Done.

  6. Used right can be a delight in the kitchen. Often though I use a little too much!

  7. Fire can be a pleasure but it can also be a dangerous hazzard of life.
    Well written and a joy to read Hank.

  8. Yes fire has both aspects -- I have seen the hills glowing like that and it is scary to see and amazing how fast it can move and consume things. And yet, it is a vital thing as well.

  9. I'm not sure isolating is healthy, but I know what you're saying.

  10. Fire is so useful but mankind is the one that ignores its power and vagaries to their cost. But that is us all over we still think the world revolves around us.

  11. is a friend, if taken in the right stand

  12. Fire is like a man....destructive yet wonderful at the same time:)

  13. Like so much in life fire has good and bad properties. Still, it can be a great friend to us.

  14. Fire can indeed be a friend. I couldn't imagine not being warm during the winter, for instance. I'd say that its advantages outweigh its drawbacks.

  15. Since childhood I have had an uneasy feeling when night skies show a red glow close to the horizon ... nice write, Hank. Happy New Year.

  16. Nice write. I like how you distilled the merits (and demerits, should I say :-) ) of fire in your piece.

  17. Yes, indeed. Fire like so many things in life can be good or bad. It depends upon how it is used. Nice job.

  18. I have a deep respect for fire, as it is such a powerful force ... one moment benign and the next wild and dangerous ... good write ...

  19. Fire is definitely friend, but in the wrong hands, oh dear.

  20. Fire the foe, fire the friend... Nicely put.

  21. i like this...everything in moderation

  22. fire does indeed have an incredible powerful presence.... whether contained or not... there is nothing so sweet as a fireplace to warm yrself...

  23. Happy New Year Hank! An excellent poetic summary of fire, from warmth to danger, well done :-)