Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trivia most needed!

                                                                                                       Author: Ross
Image: Mobile Ads
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Trivia most needed
Trivia most welcomed
No strings attached

Who needs pop-ups unsolicited?
Adverts that question intelligence?
Abundance on prime time
Diversion of thoughts!

No to time wasters
New implements and gadgets?
Enough of these planned obsolescence!

Why re-invent the wheels
For keeping up with the Jones?

No! what we have now give excellent performance!

(55 words)

Written for G-Man's Friday Flash 55 and shared with Tony's at d'Verse
Meeting the Bar:  Looking back Looking Ahead


  1. ha. got to be careful with energy drinks...they will jack you up....
    so will pop ups and ads...they suck....and click them
    at your own risk...

  2. I let the "Jones" sprint ahead years ago :) Nice, Hank.

  3. ah so true... i hate pop ups and the ads and things we're flooded with.... some of them are really good and little pieces of art but some are just annoying

  4. planned obsolescence is one of the great obscenities of this age, isn't it? ~

  5. Diversion of thoughts! - A lot of truth here and written to make you think, fun and deep

  6. Best not to worry too much about the Jones'. Enjoyed that.

  7. The Jones' passed me long ago...and planned obsolescence is a blight on the world. your poem is fun and thought provoking at the same time...well done.

  8. I love it Hank ~ I think being aware of these trivia around makes me a picky buyer ~

  9. Oh yes.. Those distractions.. It's hard to stay focused these days... Hmm maybe we just have to pay to be in disturbed.

  10. Yeah throw this and that at everyone, so they can keep up with the Jones, pfft

  11. It's not even as if the Joneses are necessarily worth keeping up with, but too few of us stop to notice that. Nice work, Hank.

  12. So true. Too many gadgets. Too many ads. Thought I heard someone say the other day that the Jones are too far in debt to keep up with themselves.

  13. Hank...
    This certainly coincides with what I wrote about this week
    You must be Psychic!
    Loved your Trivial 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  14. Terrific 55, Hank. I treat pop-ups like panhandlers; I ignore them. You just exercise some control over the chaos.

  15. Really well done. I loathe intrusive ads.

  16. Trivia definitely provides diversion of thoughts. I used to enjoy trivia games, but haven't indulged in a long time. Nice '55,' Hank.

  17. I second it all.. ! I enjoyed the second stanza particularly. Covered the ground well in 55, Hank..

  18. So much agree Hank - and what I have (now) serves me fine.
    Happy New Year.
    Anna :o]

  19. Oh, but there are strings, if you click on those annoying pop-ups (i don't)…love this, it is so true. "enough of those planned obsolescences!" indeed!

  20. Trivia can be fun but also a waste of time! And planned obsolescence irritates me.

  21. loved the irony here! ha! who needs them but then they are the focus so it seems!