Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dicing with Bad Weather

                                                              Musician in the Rain by Robert Doisneau
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The weather was at its best
He could not have asked for better
The cool of the morning breeze
Strutted slowly to usher a day of reckoning
His fortunes took a turn for the better
Blessed with mounting sales
Startled him for the past week
Buoyed by the sudden surge of good income
Never to fall on his laps never this good
He smacked his lips looking satisfied

He had doubled the load this morning
Especially for the abstract paintings
Not just his regular customers were drawn in
Like ants to sugar even strangers had a penchant
How he had wished the favorable trend was to persist

But sadly today it was not to be
The weather suddenly came with vengeance
A sudden downpour without warning
His lovely paintings took a beating a brutal onslaught
They were but practically spoilt and destroyed
Not even for a consolation fire sale

He had to take it and it was a bitter lesson learned
He should have not brought too many even allowing
For the sudden good sales of the past week
The euphoria ought to have been tempered
He must know the vagaries of the weather
Extended its benevolence without discrimination
He should do more to anticipate and gauge
Good fortune came with myriads of contending issues
The ups and downs subject to uncertainties

The life of a street painter and musician

For Tess' Mag #203


  1. Oh the bells of life, love and woes for painter and musician ring sweetly here!

  2. It's a sad day for both of them. But this is life, it has its upheavals. Soon the sun will shine bright.

  3. Bad weather and buskering do not agree, Hank. The Tube's (subway's) buskers have to pay for their spots. But weather doesn't affect their business hardly at all. Nice write, I labored a bit with the predicament here.

  4. Artists and musicians, especially on the street, must have a caring for one another like none other. Sure, there will always be competition, but I like to think that they understand the pitfalls presented to one another better than anyone else can. Your poem speaks to all that and more, and it makes the image so alive for me.

  5. I liked that you paid attention to both the painter and musician! Excellent!

  6. hmmm. Freedom comes with its costs. nice write

  7. That was quite a life. nicely done.

  8. The fatal cracks in his own human nature exposed him remorselessly to the cruel winds of fate .....merci beauxoup

  9. being dependent on the weather to have a place to sell your would def be hard and would have to be smart with every penny....and live no where near seattle...smiles

  10. The weather plays a factor in almost everything

  11. Have to take the good with the bad i guess, weather can sure get in the way

  12. Love that you focused on the painter ... very nice Hank!

  13. Rain happens...I like that you chose the painter, too...nice Hank...

  14. Well done and well taught!


  15. I feel quite sorry for him. All that effort and then it rains. Nice Mag.