Friday, January 10, 2014

Being Onion Lovers

                                                                            Attribution: Deborah Glassner
Image: Onion Orb
Source: D Glassner's Lark Photography (here)

Layers upon layers thinly veiled
Lucid in form but round unwittingly
Peeling each piece to reveal
Pungent that waters the eyes freely

Upon cutting vapors escape
The idea is to contain the upward surge
A simple solution can be made
Cut under water and no vapors emerge

A bulb soft but crunchy
Burns the lips when taken raw
Not as bad as peppers be
Tolerable munching by the jaw

Presented here as an orb
Blend  of cut onions
Of  green hues atop
Salads, anyone?

For Margaret's hosting at Real Toads on Orbs Interpetations
Mrsupole's Theme Thursday with -  lucid


  1. salad I would eat, but no onion as I don't like that as a treat

  2. onions ... love them in all their varieties.

  3. Nice ode, Hunk, but they - not my fave, although we always use the onion for health purposes...

  4. So vivid my nose tingles and my eyes water. Nice Write.

  5. layer upon layer, love them or hate them, but you can't ignore them

  6. I thought the verse was excellent, but I will now tell you something strange.
    I am Epiletic and I always get an awareness if a seizure(they;re not bad ones)
    is due.....I smell onions. strange but true.

  7. Such a good development of the poetic/metaphoric potentials of an onion. Very much enjoyed.

  8. No onions for my salad but prefer them in my meats ~ I had always known that trick of cutting them under the water Hank ~ Have a good weekend ~

  9. Love your poem, Hank. Onions are so tasty. :)

  10. i had heard that about onions, holding them under water keeping the vapors down....i love onions...and knew a guy once that ate them like apples...

  11. Cooking without onions is like a night sky without stars:)