Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Deprived Many

                                                                                   Attribution: Sabrina Wade
Image: Sailors helping out for the homeless (here)

3WW - Anxious Devoted Scrawny
Theme Thurs  -  Doubts

Unstable unwieldy
lean in stature and scrawny in thinking
Waiting in line anxious for handouts
on one side

Charity givers devoted to humanity
Wanting to extend alms to the needy
on the other

Combination of two sets of folks
A fabric of a community

The deprived can never be eradicated
Of progeny in droves in poor countries
The bigger a family the more
future contributors
But forgetting the constraints
Of raising many mouths to feed

Not restrained by doubts
They venture on with resolve
They scrape along
Quality of life sacrificed
In contention of survival

There are the deprived in
prosperous societies though
But awareness is of a higher level
givers aplenty and are better organized

The society is different
But the problem is the same!

Written for Thomg's hosting at 3WW and
Mrsupole's at Theme Thursday


  1. There is always a give and take, more in the end but harder at the beginning

  2. As humans we are often short of humanity.

  3. there are many that need our help...and i wish more gave...its a sad testament to humanity in how we treat our own...

  4. I agree with the last comment.......a sad state.
    Wonderfully written with the all too evident message coming across.

  5. Poverty and homelessness are present in all countries to a greater or lesser degree.

  6. Yes poverty is universal..maybe there is a degree of relativity but still bare bone ever a good use of image and words to make us think

  7. I love your poem.Poverty happens everywhere and if we are lucky enough to have food and shelter then we have a duty to help others who do not.

  8. A lot of truth in this and food for thought. Well done

  9. That's pretty powerful. Much more elegant than my goofy post.