Sunday, January 12, 2014

Territorial Rivalry

                                                                                         Attribution: Reg McKenna
Image: A Wild Cat (here)

The 12 words are:
haunt  impact  illuminates  lifeless  litter 
need  one  pool  price  remote  scenes  storm

The scenes would haunt him
The litter were lifeless
It could have happened
before the big storm

They were found at different
locations near to each other
He thought it quite remote
But it did happen.

The litter might have been 
strays but it was still gory
They were all in a
pool of blood

The impact was nauseating
It illuminated the need for
one to be aware of animal

A price to pay for assuming
the neighbor’s Tom Cat would
readily accept rivals
within  its territory

Written for Brenda’s Sunday Whirl Wordle #143 and
shared with Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #184


  1. A price to pay, this tells the story and also shows what lies beneath the surface. Alot here, well done

  2. Oh, this is very sad, Hank. Your words will stay with me today

  3. Nature can be so sad at times. Nicely penned.

  4. That's so sad! But animals don't think life humans do. We are one strange race because we are far less territorial in our interactions with our fellows.

  5. Life is all about battles and survival and territories..i think your last verse was a humorous made me smile anyway..

  6. Yipes! Keep that Tom Cat away from my dogs!

  7. tragic....sad to see the cats take the brunt...yeah my cat gets into fights with other toms here in the neighborhood..its nature...

  8. Sadly the ways of the animal kingdom is one of survival and survival ~ Good one Hank ~

  9. Very discriptive, I wondered who morned the loss? Was it the Mother kitten?

  10. applies everywhere, to everyone... you wrote a universal piece, Hank... how sadly it can't be removed so easily in the kind of culture we lived in... i enjoyed it... happy new year! smiles...

  11. Oh dear! Cleverly written and a great use of the words.

  12. The nature of the beast it seems, territory is king to them

  13. there are rules and formalities in Nature that we question at times... but it is all part of what Nature is...

  14. Nature isn't into feelings, yet can create the entire spectrum of good to bad ones,


  15. You paint the picture so clearly and it saddens me. Poor critters!

  16. The scenes would haunt him...your poem will haunt me. Well wordled.

  17. It is sad, yes. But I must disagree with the comment regarding mankind not being the same. Sadly this is not true we are hooked on wars and domination as we think it is the only way to survive. Those are our animal instincts coming through.

  18. Hank,

    The realities of animals and the importance of territory, which sadly may well transfer to human behaviours in many places as well.
    Great use of the wordle concept.

  19. yes, sad and direct, but kudos for going a different way with 'litter'

  20. Apart from territorial rivalry, destruction of habitats by humans too leads to all this aftermath.

  21. How sad for the kitties. Cats are such wonderful creatures but some may be more aggressive than others, unfortunately. Lovely photo of the wild cat. Well narrated, Hank.

  22. there is a recent NY Times article on how cats are voracious predators - here is the link -

    a good pen, Hank ~

    1. From the link it seems they're lethal killing 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals.Never thought of it that way. Thanks grapeling!


  23. Nature of course does what comes natural though sometimes we're surprised because we think we've tamed it. Good write Hank.