Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meant to be Used! - MF

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

The shoes will erode
naturally with use
You can safely step on
the floor.Jumping will
not help.It will not
mean you are using them less

(140 characters)

Linda at Grandma's Goulash, Succinctly Yours week #147
provides the  image above for a Micro Fiction of not exceeding
140 characters and we are to include the word - erode


  1. haha nope, could be using them more

  2. Yes, jumping would seem to wear out the shoes faster! Clever take on this week's photo. When you put your link on Grandma's Goulash, you accidentally put a link that brings you right back to Grandma's Goulash, so I had to hunt around to find your SY entry.

  3. Good idea Hank, keep those feet off the ground to save their soles for another day!

    I will fix your GMa link but her Mrs. Linky is pretty silent yet tonight.

    1. Dr Jim
      Pat and Jerry
      Gosh, sorry didn't realize it. Thanks for the correction Dr Jim!


  4. Hari OM
    That is an elegant take on the avoidance of erosion! YAM xx

  5. Hee hee - I like that you got in a little science lesson!

  6. Your tale reminds me of a toddler I knew, who didn't want to wear his boots in the snow. Feared that it would hurt them to get wet. A definite ring to truth to this one.