Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get on With Newness!

                                                                                               Attribution: Kgriff92
Image: Striving Ahead
Wikimedia Commons (here)

Newness is being blown away
Head above water wondering
What holds gripping in play
Attention that knocks and scaling

Loosen the grasp on the old
Venture out on sparkling new
Loving it first grab in the mold
Though initially choices are few

Hey, does it matter to bother
It is not to be unjustly restrained
As if there are not many other
Certainly no fun for the untrained

Get on with it
Just go on!

(75 words)
Note: One is to write a 75 word poem in PU's new challenge

Susan's hosting at Poets United's Mid-week motifs  -  newness


  1. ha. i hear you...i am a sucker for new...i dont take much in the way of attachment to old...there are those rituals/relationships i cling to, but def like new adventures....

    1. Yes, and you've spearheaded a lot of newness in d'Verse's make-up for 2014. Looking anxiously on what it is going to be like! Interesting Brian!


  2. Hank,

    A welcoming of new challenges, even though the bravery to move onwards, might be a little hesitant at first, Simply the winter tiredness, I think!!!

  3. Always good to welcome new ideas and attitudes into one's life & not be stuck with the old. Nicely stated, Hank.

  4. Yes..sometimes we must take a leap of faith!

  5. Just take the leap. I hear you. The awkwardness is only at first before we are able to recognize the choices. This is true for every new thing, I believe. And your poem is a cheerful reminder and push. Learning to write was very much the same.

  6. loved this.. out with the old in with the new.. something we humans fight a little...

  7. New adventures or things can be fun, but with stuff, new isn't always better

  8. Your poem really speaks to me right now, Hank, as I prepare for a leap I hope to make this year. One does cling fearfully to the old even when it is no longer as workable. Humans can be clingy creatures:) Great poem for the new year!

  9. Loosen the grasp on the old - Loved this that feeling that everything is there ready to be experienced.

  10. I love new challenges, I have a few in mind this year.....once I can shake off this virus.

  11. Do you remember being a kid, playing on monkey bars? The concentration it takes to let go of the bar and grasp a new one...the hanging with hands on both before thrusting entirely to the new, that 's what your words call to mind for me...that precarious exhilaration of letting go. Nice, nice Hank!

  12. I will follow you on that Hank...just get on with it ~ Good morning ~

  13. Loosen the grasp on the old
    Venture out on sparkling new

    Great lines! Happy New Year! :)

  14. Yes, we all love the NEW , still we sometimes like to cling to the Old..old habits , old friends and values . But newness is always attractive. :-)

  15. a breathless exhortation- good one, Hank ~

  16. The rhythm pushes me to explore the new here! wonderful