Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Sacred Journey

                                                                                                       Author: Reggaeman
Image: View from The Iyadani-ji, one of the
88 Shikoku Pilgrimage temples (here)

A sacred journey
To temples of Shikoku
Divine benefit   -   A Haiku

Holy Land beckons
Spiritual obligations
Pilgrimage of grace
For three major religions
Solace and peaceful intents  -  A Tanka

They come from afar with a designated purpose
a desire for the fulfillment of a divine call. It is a
path of gratitude solitude and devotion. Their
mission had long been carved out in a mind clear
in their objectives just waiting for the right moment 
to answer to their beliefs of faith. A pilgrimage is a
journey of sacred significance to the 88 temples
of Shikoku. Their presence in the Holy Land are
of a quest of the three great religions It is an act
of religious worship of rituals followed for generations
of those professing Christianity Islam and Judaism.
Theirs are the pull of miracles reminiscent of Fatima
and Lourdes or the penance and purification by
the Ganges.What of religious persecutions that ended
in the colonies of Plymouth. All of a pilgrimage in quest
of religious expectations or to escape persecutions  -   A Prose

Note: Thanks Sam for being there for all of us all these years!

Written for Sam's last call at the d'Verse pub with
Form for All  -  A Prose/Poetry and Chev's
CARPE DIEM #388 with prompt - Shikoku


  1. IMHO it would make for a very cool journey...
    would not mind making it myself...

    1. expanded think the journey itself becomes such a spiritual thing, the pressing on, each step drawing closer to what you believe...

    2. Yes,I did Brian! I will try not to miss d'Verse. More convenient to expand than create another separate posting! Thanks for coming on twice!


    3. Yes,I did Brian! I will try not to miss d'Verse. More convenient to expand than create another separate posting! Thanks for coming on twice!


  2. Would be grand to complete indeed

  3. Namaste

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Would be a great experience, Excellent write.

  5. An enlightening journey it would be :-)

  6. I'll put my white robe on and my conical hat and join you on this lovely, lovely pilgrimage!

  7. Thanks for sharing; I would love to be a bird on a tree watching this unfold.

  8. A divine benefit, indeed. Spritual places like these are all worth of a visit so count me in with Brian. Smiles.

  9. This post, all three of your offerings, have my heart tonight. I gained respite just reading them, and I thank you, thank you...

  10. I very much enjoyed each of your three approaches to the subject. The prose poem builds to a solemn music which seems very appropriate to the theme.

  11. Some of us embrace infirmity, old age, meager finances, so we could not any longer embark on your perfect journey for truth & enlightenment, so we have to do it in our minds, letting our soul make the journey; as in quantum physics, suggesting that real travel in the cosmos has to be done without the body; nice job with the form, and like you I thank Sam for his excellent hosting, prompting, & fellowship.

  12. I too would love to be enlightened by this soul changing journey! Wow Hank you really took us there~

  13. Together all 3 pieces make a divine haibun.

  14. Very nice job of tying in the various religious traditions showing the importance of pilgrimage to sacred places in each. In the end, that space is within.

  15. This will be a great experience Hank ... going on a pilgrimage along the 88 temples on the Isle of Shikoku.

  16. You combine a great many versions of truth there. Nice poem.

  17. It would be great if everyone could escape find an opportunity for solace like this...
    Culture is the diner..and people are the dinner..until they can escape..
    the eating of their soul...
    And no i do not mean zombies..
    i do not understand the appeal of that..
    at all..except to escape a reality of pain..
    of the same of what i say here.. i think...2

  18. A pilgrimage is such important for your mind.. I try to walk every summer in the mountains finding and reviving myself. But walking a real pilgrim path would be cool.

  19. I'd like to make the journey myself. It sounds very worthwhile, and while I don't consider myself 'religious' we are all spiritual beings. Lovely write.