Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not All are Happy!

                                                                                              Attribution: Wilfredor
Image: I'm the Boss! I decide! (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #145 with words:
aspect country embrace facilitate juggling
plans sent state strands sustain  time write

There are various aspects in the country
That embrace the aspirations pursuant to
Good governance benefiting all and sundry
But there are elements with different views

In order to facilitate the desire to communicate
Some juggling of plans need be sent to minions
With strands of imagination so as to sustain a state
Of affairs readily acceptable going by general opinions

To write for the connivance of the many affected
The powers that be must through valiant deals
Appease those likely to oppose such ideas suggested
By a middle road where agreements are sealed

Written for Brenda's hosting of Sunday Whirl and
Mary's hosting at Poets United Poetry Pantry #186


  1. we have so many different opions on the way things should be...makes me wonder what it would take to finally bring us all together to work toward the good of all, you know....

  2. I don't think a middle road exists in our government.

  3. The middle road sometimes helps..or at least avoids answering the big questions that make people unhappy

  4. middle roads can be treacherous places.

  5. So good to walk the middle ground!!

  6. Will never ever please everyone, but many don't even try to please a few, just themselves

  7. The worst problem we face is the political party - all of them. Nice one.

  8. division lines have become more strident... there is more shouting than listening...

  9. It is so hard to make any progress, when opposite aims push and pull against each other. As we see with the Democrat-Republican opposition in the States, and the Liberal-Conservative broohaha in Canada. Sigh. Good topic, Hank.

  10. Is there really a middle ground, Hank? Nice work with the words.


  11. If you stay in the middle of the road, you'll soon be run over by a truck.

  12. least we can discuss it...:) ~ nice work with words

  13. This is real poli-speak. Somewhere in there will be announcements of change you will not like and at the same time certain things will not change despite promises to contrary. My best advice is trust no-one. Please burn after reading.

  14. Middle ground would be a good place to meet for most things in life!

  15. There are always different views.

  16. Love your use of rhyme and slant rhyme here.