Sunday, January 26, 2014

Extreme Weather Change! Why?

                                                                     The Mill. 1964 by Andrew Wyeth
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

The mill sits forlornly, cold and alone
It had seen better days in its heyday
Activities within but now abandoned
Overtaken by myriads of changes at play

Coldness  out the window belies change
Weather acting weird and playing havoc
Unwieldy, unexpected and acting strange
Global shift in extremes somewhat ad hoc

Global warming seem a logical explanation
But advocates had long lost their credibility
What to offer an excuse for the dereliction
Mankind to  account for sinful acts lately?

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #204


  1. points for rhyming ad hoc and havoc. tips hat

  2. Ya know, in 80 years it is my observation that
    winters are cold,
    summers are hot,
    fall and spring, well
    that's another thing.

    Couple ideas in your short (like!) poem, which seem to left as open-end questions. Not for me to answer. Thanks for a cool write...Oooops, Brian used "cool" enuff for both of us--HAHA!

    1. Sorry...that "Brian" quip was meant for another posting/blog...

  3. of course there is no global warming, but then how can you explain the weather? maybe its a natural cycle of the earth...its not like we have been here more than a blip of its history anyway.....

  4. Global warming does seem to have a bit less advocates with all this cold.

  5. gee, you sure speak of the way it is. Great piece. I am hopeful for a wonderful spring, soon, very soon!

  6. Welcome to the Polar Vortex , eh, Hank. My thoughts are with tou over there... What becomes of a people who are so inwardly terrified at what they have wrought, but outwardly in denial...what a psychological pickle we must be collectively in, and perhaps just a litlle evil , as Jim Kumstler would say , cheers mate

  7. Love how you incorporated global warming into your poem .. well done, Hank!

  8. Your last four lines echo my thoughts exactly. Well done!

  9. Here in California, we are dry as a bone…and the weather is unseasonably warm. We are hoping for some rain this weekend.

    Strange days.


  10. It's been a real proper winter this year...I'm loving it...