Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vagaries of the Weather

                                                                                               User: David Bailey
Image: Dry River Bed in a Californian Drought (here)

moving slowly in circles not quite ready
eyeing outwardly for that critical moment
unsure with a rangy lean frame unsteady
eagerly to galvanize all efforts in early jaunts

must exhibit one of an affable nature
good-natured and outwardly friendly
sanguinely with the likes of a good leader
unquestioned to be accepted readily

pushing forward beaming  with confidence
proving hunger is but an incident of ills
sadly stifled by weather extremes in motion
destroying good crops still in the fields

good leaders can plan and chart a future
within his ability where humanly possible
but to grapple with vagaries of the weather
nature plays its cards for which to gamble

3WW - affable galvanize  rangy
Theme Thursday - forward
Poets United - hunger


  1. So very true. Nature plays its cards, and it is up to humans to find a way to deal with it.

  2. Nature knows no rules and we sure have to try and be prepared for what it throws at us

  3. Yes..sometimes things are beyond anyone's the image bones

  4. Fooled me with this. (lol) I thought you were aiming for scavengers.

  5. The weather is one thing nobody can predict, your wonderful poem had the message coming across so very well.

  6. Even after thoughtful planning is devised and implemented there is still room for the vagaries of Nature. Hope there are no famines and water scarcity and hungry beings in world.

  7. You have described it well, Hank......the effect of the weather "destroying good crops still in the fields". Which is devastating for all who depend on those crops.

  8. Heartbreaking! And true, what to do but keep "a stiff upper lip" and keep going. Good leaders hate to gamble. This drought and famine is enough to break anyone. Strong images, Hank. I felt like feet walking around in that broken ground.

  9. so true Mother nature can be truly wicked

  10. Hank,

    We are indeed at the mercy of the weather and its recent weird ways, no matter where we live. Hopefully crops and foods can recover to provide for those most in need. A very good perspective with regard to hunger...

  11. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  12. you control th things you can and plan on the things you cant, as best you is not something you can always trust...take this snow storm for one planned on it...

  13. Living in the desert southwest, and as an avid gardener, I totally relate to the effects of the weather on our environment, our nourishment.

  14. Captured the year in drought blessings

  15. Nature has a way of ruining the best laid plans

  16. No one can really predict what will happen next when in comes to the weather.

  17. there is little we can control, but we must do what we are able to help one another and our planet, our home… sometimes it feels like there is nothing to do, the tasks impossible… but perhaps together it is not?

  18. Your poem made my mind spin. I lived in the agricultural area during the drought that that picture portrayed. That drought resulted in a large percent of ag water being cut off. Dead dairy cows to dead orange and walnut groves was the result.Yet LA still had its beautiful green landscaping. Nature deals its cards with more certainty than man.

  19. That's right, Hank, nature plays its cards which is unstoppable. As usual, your poetic skills shine. :)

  20. Hopefully nature finds its way and will recover...~ Another image - of human...comes to compare to controlling things...~ Thoughtful write!

  21. Great write & I love the picture. Nature defintely has been playing the cards this Winter, I think the Joker has been used a lot:-)