Saturday, January 11, 2014

Augurs Well for the Year or Not?

Image:  The lily in bloom just outside Hank's window in the backyard 

Slumped awkwardly snug on the cushion chair
Peering out innocently without a care eyes gazing
A magpie with uncanny accuracy dived from mid-air
Caught an insect and settled on a branch tail wagging

A spectacle enacted in a quiet corner of the backyard
Mid-morning the sun was up and had him squinting
The far distance appeared undisturbed best to disregard
Could perceive above more accurately fluffy clouds forming

The hedges nicely trimmed at the edge of the compound
Allowing the sounds of moving vehicles that passed by
Gaze now lowered towards the blue tint in the distance
How peaceful a day it could develop later he could sigh

Not possibly be the same in regions of the West
Where vagaries of the weather took to the extreme
Blinding snow lashed its worst in many parts of the US
While in contrast Down Under was searing at the brim

It may signal too a dismal outcome on the economic front
The greenback may even be under pressure in the first quarter
Roll up the sleeves be prepared for somewhat a bad run
The ‘soothsayers’ not eagerly happy for the rest of the year (here)

Note: Only days ago we were generously wishing for good 
times ahead but apparently it may not be too exciting.

Written for Shanyn's hosting at d'Verse 'Poetics: out the window' 
where one is to look out the window and write in any form


  1. So true, there is so much extreme weather in various places in the world right now. I think it would be pleasant to sit in the quiet corner of the backyard on a lawn chair.

    1. That is right Mary! But I'm also quite concerned with the discouraging prospects of the economy!


  2. nice touch on how this impacts the economy, for sure...the first bit of the capture is really cool watching nature for one another...we shall see what the future brings with it when it gets here...

  3. Money and its curse, we need it but hate the effect it causes. This is nicely put and makes you think about what really matters.

  4. the world is changing... much more nature catastrophes each year - at least it seems so and i'm wondering where this climate change will take us... hopefully we manage to change things before it is too late

  5. Very interesting take on the consequences of things. >KB

  6. I guess the future is increasingly difficult to predict even though it looks as if we are better equipped to do so. This uncertainty is very tangible in your poem Hank!

  7. Well its going to be tough and tougher on the economy Hank ~ I guess we just have to grin and bear it ~ Have a good weekend Hank ~

  8. Hummm....the weather and the economy are often tied together....perhaps the weather report should tell us also about the economy...freeze in Florida, price of orange juice will rise....drought in midwest, price of bread, meat and milk will be up....

  9. I agree with annell...isn't it amazing how weather affects all around!

  10. You drew me right in with the magpie.

  11. Seems many countries are experiencing bad weather, Heard about the big freeze in the US, Here in the UK for week high speed gales and torrential rain which of course bring floods. Wonderful read and so well written.

  12. The more times goes it seems the tougher it is going to get, stupid weather seems to be all over

  13. You have a beautiful tropical garden Hank. Enjoy !

  14. I would take that lawn chair right now and the tropical garden... thank you for the uplift...:)

  15. What a great garden and flowers.. Enjoy and ponder less about the future... Que Sera Que sera...

  16. There are so many things to be concerned about in the world is fortunate we have gardens and poetry to ease our minds.

  17. Thank you for sharing this poem with us. I like how you included the consequences in your poem. It is through poetry that we can express all thoughts and feelings of our heart. I loved the line with the magpie!

  18. Very nice, like how your thoughts wandered poetically as you gazed out the window. Thanks for joining in!

  19. ,,makes me think of the Philippines' weather lately....extremes can happen anywhere these days....where are you, Hank?

  20. vivid imagery! you painted the globe!