Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nature of Wild Dreams

                                                                                       Author:  Michael Jastremski
Image: Cumulus Clouds in Fair Weather (here)

Turbulence of slumber worrying the soul
Stressful in nature building up to a storm
Tussle in a bedstead not as bad as sold
Simmering bleary eyes spewing venom

Sleep fast quit quibbling on trivial matters
Lullaby through strains of moving clouds above
Extending a probe to calm nerves disturbed
Repulsive to stomach best not be involved

Cut out the bad intentions cast to the winds
Malevolent in thoughts scavenging for victims
Poetic justice has a way to redirect consequences
Perpetrators can expect misdeeds to be seen

3WW     -   Malevolent Repulsive Probe
Poetry Jam  -   Look at the Clouds
Real Toads    -  Eyes


  1. i like the energy in this hank...its driven by some strong verbs in the beginning there....and i can hope that karma catches up to the perpetrators, you know....

  2. Revenge is easier to calculate in dreams..but it does come around...eventually..the rain clouds part and someone gets deservedly soggy!

  3. Be nice if they all got caught and outed and no worries would come due

  4. Oh my, I could feel the earth move as I read your words, bravo, and your photo, now that is like a dream come true of beauty!

  5. Dumb crooks pay, right Hank. I could not sleep either if I had done what some do. I felt things building up here, I liked the 'turbulence' and 'tumble' idea to start with and how you worked with it..

  6. Hank,
    A badly disturbed night can be annoying, yet, there are times when meaningful thoughts are revealed!!

    Eileen :)

  7. I wish everyone would take your advice and quit quibbling about trivial matters. Life is too short for it, but this poem strikes me as just right!

  8. "Cut out the bad intentions cast to the winds" - good advice to live by and makes for better sleep for sure!

  9. Great Advice :)

    P.S. Sorry for missing out from blogging for so long. Will try to blog more often now. Wish you a very happy new year :)

  10. Good writing on three prompts at once! Some good philosophy here.