Saturday, January 4, 2014

Google Glasses - A Haibun

                                                                               Picture:  Ines Williamson
Image:  A Lighted Bridge
Ese provided the picture prompt above for us to write a haibun
in which ever way our imagination takes (a haibun is a haiku and
a prose combined) Talking about pictures at this juncture my
inclination is to touch on the Google Glass currently being perfected.

                                                                              Attribution: Antonio Zugaldia
Image: Google Glasses
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The Haiku
Moonless night, a bridge
captured by ubiquitous
hand-phone camera

The Prose
The hand-phone is a handy device. Its camera is readily available to be used to
record events in an instance. A versatile hand-phone can be useful in many ways.
Besides the camera it incorporates a watch function and its mobility keeps one connected.

It is now brought to another level with the advent of the Google Glass. It boasts of a
miniature computer on the bridge of the nose. Worn like eye glasses with a tiny screen
but allows one to surf online, send messages and converse.

There are reservations though as too much is expected on what it can do.It may even
go the way of the Android watch which did not pick up following its launch. Its functions
ran short and found wanting.

The Google Glass is similarly destined to be doomed. It should not be seen as just
a novelty with functions of a hand-phone. It ought to have more functions. That seems to
be the consensus of the initial review. Some more innovative technological advancements
not available now may provide the attraction in say, 5 year’s time. Launched then would
ensure it to be able to sustain itself.

That aside of more importance are the safety aspects which should not be compromised
especially while driving. Taking a cue from those texting with their hand-phones ending in
disasters there are those who still take chances In the case of the Google Glasses it'll be
an absolute no-no, it's suicidal!

Written for Ese 


  1. Good advice about this gadget, Great post altogether.

  2. Not sure I want it to sustain itself

  3. the google glasses are a bit scary...and def bring a whole new level of fear with them from the video capabilities without people knowing o people using them when they are driving and such...

  4. Yeah the creepers will be out in waves if those are ever public

  5. Wow, not only a great photo, but what a cool idea to post about. I've never heard of that until now.

  6. I am not too keen on this gadget, too scary ~

  7. This was a very interesting read. Not sure about those glasses, but great haiku!

  8. Stay with us!