Monday, January 20, 2014

Yearnings for Love

                                                                           Attribution: Pithecanthropus4152
Image: Kite Cut Yellow Topaz (here)

The chosen 13 words:
fractured  illusory topaz  tones moon ebb  scales
fluttering  signals goddesses  fame breath words

Fractured mind illusory in nature
Shining like topaz in tones unflattering
Fleetingly akin to goddesses’  overtures
Of moon ebbing in its shine fuming

Scales of measure signals lack of words
To describe the true feelings and emotions
A  breath of fame in keeping with a thought
With a  fluttering of anger and innocence

Venturing onwards it can only be proverbial
A provocative proposal awaiting consideration
A twinge of fate can lead to a likely tussle
To yearn for a love seemingly out of turn

Written for We Write Poems Wordle #3 and
Open Link Mondays at Real Toads


  1. Lots of emotions through and through as a yearning sure comes due

  2. 'Scales of measure signals lack of words' ~ real love needs only to express itself. Passionate write!

  3. Very emotional and a pleasure to read.
    I don't have problems with your sort of comment box, but the drop down ones I do.
    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Imaginative write Kaykuala - especially liked:

    "A breath of fame in keeping with a thought
    With a fluttering of anger and innocence"

    With Best Wishes Scott

  5. what a gem - both pen and picture ~

  6. Great write...I really love the third stanza

  7. nice fluidity in your words and images in this hank....
    i wonder if we will ever be able to fully articulate our love...
    we try with snippets and baubles...

  8. fate can sometimes play a spoilsport and sometimes it can do wonders!

  9. This does give the impression of yearning... and some impatience

  10. To yearn for that love, nicely expressed Hank ~

  11. The yearning is real and deeply felt,


  12. Whether intentional or coincidental, the alliteration in this piece is stunning.

  13. I've lived that last stanza, Hank. So good to read you.

  14. When trying to describe our emotions -- especially love -- it can be a challenge. We make think it sounds like nothing but a bunch of "sound and fury". I read both beauty and frustration in your words.