Friday, July 6, 2012

15 Seconds!

Image:1 The San Diego Botched Display
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Note: Charzinator aka Charles Miller at d'Verse suggested us to write a poem
that incorporates newspaper clippings among other things!

Just fifteen seconds
Slated for twenty minutes
Gone with a big bang

Glitch caused fireworks
To explode all at once
The music went on

Very uncommon
What went wrong? Nothing!
Just electronics!

Glitch Caused Fireworks To Explode All At Once
By Faith Karimi

When most of the country was going ooh aah over Fourth of July fireworks display, San Diego spectators were treated to a spectacle that lit up the night sky - for all of 15 seconds.
An unknown glitch caused the fireworks to explode at once!

Written for d'Verse What's the Buzz?


  1. that was a really crazy...and somewhat scary story...i bet it gave a few a slight heart ping when everything went off at once...teh more dependant we are on technology the more these things are noticed and more often they will happen...

  2. oh heck..this is scary indeed...and what a shame..i love fireworks..but the slow ones...smiles

  3. oh that's sad... i can just imagine how disappointed the expectators were. but i can just imagine how big the explosion is having it all blow all at once...


  4. I bet there was some overfixing going on. So sorry.

  5. Fireworks are really powerful when you get them all together and they go off at once. I've heard people set off bixes of the little firecrackers that they sell. Epwhen set off together they soubd like a small bomb! Hope no one was hurt in the incident you write about.

  6. Scary and unfortunate! Good poem though!

  7. That is one umm itch of a glitch.

  8. That would be the Big Bang Theory, presumably?

  9. Just like the big bang - an original creation came out of it! Well done.