Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Entry

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Grandma Goulash's Succinctly Yours #71

Sans foliate
No greenery here
to see

No entry!             
Dilarang masuk                                                
Hakuna kuingia                                                
Nenui eniro

You might fall off the edge
Be warned!       

Some don’t pay heed
They go headlong into the unknown
They bear the painful consequences
Of foolishness
Of foolhardiness

Motivated by greed
The main reason!

Can you blame them?
Wasted talents!
talents gaspilles
quel dommage!

Note:1  In Succinctly Yours Grandma provided the picture above plus the word foliate to write a Micro Fiction (MF) not exceeding 140 characters ( the highlighted portion in italics is the MF in 140 characters)

Note:2 No entry means Dilarang masuk (in Malay/Indonesian) Hakuna kuingia (in Swahili) and Nenui eniro (in Esperanto)

Shared with Grandma's Succinctly Yours #71 and d'Verse's Poetics Logophilia #2


  1. How clever of you to put this into dVerse, it fits perfectly. Really enjoyed it :)

  2. Great composing. I very much like the way you have knitted these together.

  3. it is truly a pity to see wasted talents....sometimes it is foolish to travel where no one should ...others do it and see the reward as well...greed though is def a poor motivator

  4. I think some just want to experience it themselves for the thrill...its foolish and deadly too ~

    Happy day Hank ~

  5. Very clever--though I do sort of Blame some of them. Great responses to the prompts. K.

  6. Indeed, it is good to pay attention to warning signs, and, of course, the love of money is the root of all evil.

  7. Wicked flow (to borrow an expression from Brian) that heightens the tension. Being blind to warning signs clearly won't end well. The poem works well with both prompts and the photo, well done!

  8. nicely done, both prompts satisfied with this poem...

  9. I think you bring many wonderful words and phrases to your accomplishment of the prompt. Fascinating write.

  10. Greed seems to be the key for all
    And it usually ends up a fatal flaw

  11. I like it, Hank ~~ It all looks pretty bleak doesn't it?

  12. Three for the price of one - clever!

  13. Very clever use of foliage and an excellent poem. Although sometimes it can be quite fun to rush into the unknown. :D