Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Picture Credit: Google images

Can’t  make out what’s happening
Running helter skelter round and round
Like a chicken beheaded before its time
Why all these buzzing, swooping and swirling
A bee hive smoked out is not as bad

Resigned to what’s coming, fate is cruel
Head spinning wildly the world is moving
No! a merry-go-round has taken over my being
Spinning faster and faster….

Stop! Please! All are taking positions
Change of stance is apparent
Physically it’s all confusion
A physical is only an intrusion

You have a headache?
Did you throw up?
A horrible tummy ache did you say?

Doc, I feel so weak!
I’m all cob-webs!
My mind’s blank

This happened before?
Once before…it was normally two rounds
But I did three yesterday
That’s what happened also before 

Nothing’s wrong with you my man!
It’s just exhaustion
From now on just the normal two rounds
Not more than that...
At your age, golf is meant to be enjoyed!

Shared with d"Verse OpenLinkNight and Theme Thursday with prompt -confusion-


  1. you call it confusion, but it sounds more like stress to me!!

  2. he..he...that is lot of intrusion and confusion ~

  3. i can def see the chicken or at least his head among the swirls...and def some days...i feel it as well...

  4. I love that this ended up a funny story! No heart attack/mini-stroke? just over-exertion?

    "Head spinning wildly the world is moving No! a merry-go-round has taken over my being Spinning faster and faster…."

  5. Sounds more like a maelstrom - never had those symptoms..but when you've never been sick, anything that goes wrong is confusing. Well articulated and happy it wasn't any more serious!

  6. Yeah the chicken I can relate
    Such a pain in the rump fate
    haha have to get that ball in the hole
    But don't run just stroll

  7. what a whirlwind; I was exhausted just reading about it. loved the imagery.

  8. haha...i thought of a burn out first...but maybe golf can do this to people...smiles..

  9. Yes, golf can definitely do that to people. I enjoyed this one. I'll remember it when I'm on the links Friday....

  10. A fun write, Hank. I enjoyed this !

  11. Oh me it is funny and rhymes so fast as the confusion itself...

  12. Headless chickens? I know the feeling. :)

  13. Definitely the conclusion could have been something mundane or almost anything, but your choice made the piece!

  14. And I thought you were pregnant!!!Sorry there...fun read.

  15. And I thought you were pregnant!!!Sorry there...fun read.

  16. Wasn't feeling too well on Tuesday night so, I missed this write Hank. Smiled at the two rounds at the end. lol

  17. wow, your poem whirred so fast that now I'm confused!
    Smiling wide, I am...

  18. Isn't golf a good walk spoiled?

  19. I have been fighting a migraine all week and you have almost perfectly described it. When I am looking at the computer screen my head at times is just spinning and I have felt like I am going to pass out.

    Anyway I think it will take me forever to visit everyone. So I will try to make the rounds. And I love how the ending takes us on a ride to end up with golf. I have never understood why anyone just wants to hit the ball, chase the ball. And yes, I know there is more to it but I still don't see what makes it a fun thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing this confusion poem with us for this weeks confusing Theme Thursday.

    God bless.