Saturday, July 7, 2012


Picture Credit: Google images

Just got through, lucky enough
A drizzle initially and cloudy skies
Folks hurriedly fending for themselves
A shelter beckoning to offer what little
Rushed across just made it!
All to oneself bidding one’s time
Still tolerable people scurrying
Trying their best to beat
In the dying minutes an impending downpour
Briskly walking or trotting in tandem
With the light rain now more menacing
Some heading for the bus shelter
Sheepishly brushing off the tiny drops
Their faces, their arms upon reaching
Relief written all over, some kind words
Shared with those in a similar predicament
Exasperation building up with every increasing number
The shelter offering whatever little space
Wet body heat, emitting strange odors

When suddenly heaven sent!
The good wife screeched to a stop
Right in front splashing a little
Those already wet but rattled up just as much
Scrambled in, apologizing to those nudged
‘Sorry dear, got on here as soon as I got your call’
‘It’s ok honey, you did well’!
Not a moment too soon
The monsoon rain is no friend
It lashed right through
Now everyone got drenched
Madness! We’re on our way home
She never failed me
That’s why I love her dearly!  

Written for d'Verse. Poetics: Whatever the Weather


  1. this was a nice rescue from the rain..reading it, that saying jumped to my mind: she didn't leave you standing in the rain..." literally...smiles

  2. Saved down the lain
    From all the rain
    Job well done
    As rain by the ton can make one run
    Or hide
    As their time they bide

  3. wow quite the rescue, sounds like she saved the day...the rains can def be brutal at times...

  4. Great, great write. Definitely my favourite from you. You seem to be on a roll.

  5. The monsoons. I never knew it could rain so much but, after the past few years in Canada, I've seen it rain so hard, heavy and, so fast, creating almost instant flash flooding in roads.
    Very vivid write here Hank and, I'm glad your wife arrived to 'save' you :)

  6. The wife to the rescue ~ Good thing or else you would have been soaked to the skin ~

    Happy day ~

  7. Nicely descriptive of the initial panic. Luckily you had a dry home to go to. Monsoons are unforgiving once they get a hold on dwellings.

  8. This is a great write, Hank. It captures a slice of life. You caught the wait for that downpour so vividly. I was right with you in that shelter. I am sure you were relieved when your wife pulled up. You captured your sense of relief (and your appreciation) well.

  9. Great poem, Hank! I've been in similar situations, and was right there with you on this one. Could feel all the things you describe!
    Really enjoyed this!

  10. Awesome take on the prompt! Those shelters sure do contain some life when it starts raining! And there is ALWAYS one person who call ps for someone to pick them up....only for them to plump and usually drench everyone else!!..... Some great observations about people contained in this! The relief,the waning bought us the sights and the smells!!!

  11. She came to your rescue, not the other way! That is wonderful.

  12. Just in the nick of time. You have captured the moment before the deluge beautifully... even those strange aromas.

  13. Great sense of impending events, and your capture of the various elements in that very small space is really vivid, Hank. Reminds me of a time I got drenched to the bone waiting at an UNsheltered bus stop in San Francisco during one of their winter downpours--very cold and wet moment. Glad you got rescued.

  14. This is very vivid, I could feel the people's reaction to the rain.

  15. Hank, this was so cute, and lovely. There's a reason we love our spouses, we're tuned in to their needs, and your wife responded to yours so nicely. Enjoyed reading this.

  16. Claudia,
    The Mrs usually cuts in at the right moment


    The rain can be some pain
    Be prepared with alternatives
    or face the grief

    Yes,doesn't rain but it pours real hard - that's our monsoon

    Thanks a lot! Motivation your forte!

    Canada blessed with heavy showers?The benefits outweigh the little irritations.Wifey comes at the right moment usually!

    Yes, soaking wet is normal in a monsoon season but only a slight irritation!

    True, very destructive too on a bad day

    Thanks Ma'am! Observing people is an education. Lots to see and learn.

    Will meet the darnest people at bus shelters.

    The sights and smells all are precious little.

    Pak Cik
    Happy the combination of 'help and rescue' cut both ways!

    A good deed many times

    Yes, nothing like having gone through it!

    'Frisco had the 'cable cars' many years ago. Wonder if those ancient transport novelties are still around. It was magnificent and a fun thing!

    Yes, true enough. all types are seen.


  17. I love that you take your time to record the parallel actions of running and crowding and recognizing the kindred spirits. I see it vividly and in color--tho you do not specify the clothes and landscape, the image helped. And the rescue--loving the wife for the immediacy and loyalty gave me a sense of relief just before I realized with a clunk that the narrator left all of the others in the monsoon! Now I see them as only a piece of this strangers environment, not parallel, not actually human.

  18. Susan,
    Many a time when caught in the rain, a call for help was uppermost. Should have spent some bits on the clothes and environment. Will do next time to make it better. Thanks for the tip, Ma'am!


  19. The last two lines, what can I say!.. Yay! A killer!..


    Btw, Pareng Hank I hope the Lord this year will scatter the rain. A lot of drought and flood are happening...