Thursday, July 26, 2012


Image:1 The Chakra wheel, a balanced figure, everything in place seen from any direction
(Picture Credit: Courtesy of d;Verse and Google images)

Balanced disorder
To mend the nebulous, needs
a system approach

Dispersal nature
all of confusion, pull back
and get organized

Clamor for freedom
Disrupts the status quo, check
elements of change

Win over the heart
Fair maiden plays hard to get
Plead and motivate

Untold heartache  from
the young’s roving nature, check
freedom and restrain

Written for d'Verse Meeting the bar with Victoria's balance as a prompt 


  1. I think you make a good point that freedom requires balance. Glad you joined us.

  2. I hope he can win her over... yes, we need to try to maintain balance in our lives if we wish to keep our harmony. Lovely, and, lovely chakra wheel too :)

  3. Yeah need that balance for all
    As too much one way or the other can make one as empty as a huge mall

  4. i like the pull back and get organized because it is often the step back and change of perception that that helps us find that balance again...

  5. I really enjoyed reading this. Actually, I felt every verse could stand on its own as a haiku. I love the interplay between love and balance. Nice work here.

  6. I like pulling back and getting organized...checking freedom and restrain ~ Nice one Hank ~

  7. I felt the pull of elements, the balance required for stability and growth. Liberty comes with responsibilities.

  8. I think there can be a balance between order and disorder. I enjoyed your poem.

  9. I think the first stanza impressed me the most.

  10. Hard to keep it all together. Great idea for the prompt. k.

  11. This is wonderful....a lot to think...a system approach is indeed a need....

  12. Freedom brings joy, yet balance is required to maintain the passions of one with the needs of the many. Often that balance finds release within the heart, the soul, the part of us that believes it is what it is. Yet, so many forces bring us to circumstances wherein expression of freedom must seek its true perspective. True freedom, perhaps, is unattainable without greater awareness, yet that in of itself means that the search for freedom never ends, is always ongoing, the balance always tipping from one extreme to the other.