Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Poems about poetry
Poems within....

Poetry is life’s conscience
It touched on the soul
It seeped through small crevices
To emerge like ants in line
Hungrily searching for sweetness
With a gold-digger’s passion
It can knock onto doors
To reveal wide open the mind’s treasures

It comes when it comes with full force
I struggle
I scramble
to record what is running
But at other times it is emptiness
I struggle
I scratch
I await for the inspiration

It brings out the child in us
To relive all the innocence of life
Tugs at the strings of memory
Brings to life what the subconscious
could not

Poetry is the wheel in motion
Wheeling and game for a hint
to be guided
to be led
without a sextant nor the stars
but the pull of finesse

Poetry exacts that pound of flesh
Ever mindful of what hurts
To clear the cob-webs built
Of injustice over time

Poetry is all that isn’t…

Written for d'Verse Poems about Poetry


  1. Poetry is pain, love, passion, joy, sprow, everything that life is, isn't it.
    I love: 'It exacts that pound of flesh' because until we get it just right, it does keep on gnawing away at us.
    Yes, poetry is all that isn't, indeed. :)

  2. Ooh, I like this:

    "Poetry exacts that pound of flesh
    Ever mindful of what hurts"

  3. BREN
    Yes, poetry is everything that life is and difficult to ignore. Thanks Ma'am!

    Thanks! It provides an opportunity to make amends.


  4. nice i is a fullness and emptiness...sometimes easy, sometimes painful to is all around us just waiting for us...

  5. It certainly comes in full a wheel yet it is all that isn't ~

    Enjoyed your take Hank ~

  6. I like your take on this, Hank......and your closing line brings the reader up short and makes me think.

  7. You're so right! I love this, Hank... one of my favorites!

  8. Set to a prayer, this enters like a psalm mocked or blessed by its little ants' feet. You are the shepherd, thank God, and I do not think you left anything out.

  9. Your passion for poetry shines all through this poem.

  10. Poetry is life’s conscience... I was going to enthuse about this line, but then realised that the first lines to all of your stanzas are outstanding. Written down as a poem within a poem they would stand being framed or emblazoned somewhere.

  11. "To reveal wide open the mind’s treasures " thanks for sharing yours!

  12. wonderfully put a great piece on the art and form

  13. Yeah as you start
    You will never know what you will find
    Even at my cart
    Stuff pops out my little rhyming behind.

  14. ha.. i like the emerging like ants and brings to life what subconscious could not...true that..sometimes they team up though...smiles

  15. isn't it amazing that there is so much pulse in poetry

  16. Glad you liked the banner. It's just an illuminated letter font. Feel free to do with it as you like.

    Love the extracts the essence back to its origins and you agree with me, that it presents something out of the ether, ... new and unexpected.