Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Huitain

Picture Credit: Google images

In the field of physical endeavor
Pitted against others solely on strength
A known prowess for medals to savor
Nations bidding to claim honors as planned
Reacting to appreciation from fans
Sporting spectacle and  lots of tactics
A team effort or singly man to man
Hail to the two zero twelve Olympics

Line length: 10 syllables
Rhyme scheme: ababbcbc
Number of lines: 8

Written for Real Toads with the Huitain form also known as the Monk's Tale


  1. I drink to that ~

    Nice poetry form too ~

    Cheers to our athletes ~

  2. Nice, Hank! I celebrate all of the Olympians who have trained long and hard.

    By the way, I heard that this is the first year that all countries that send athletes will send women as well as men. Now that is progress.

  3. Wow, Hank, way to write a Huitain! And topical at that!

  4. Hank, I cant find an email address for you. Can you e me at please? And thanks for your lovely comment about my life with grandma. She was a character!!!!!!

  5. Sure takes a ton of work
    Still some so called sport games leave me with nothing but a wtf smirk

  6. I am SO excited for the Olympics! Your poem gives us a taste of what's to come! Good job.

  7. You did a great job! I can't wait to watch the Olympics~ Well Done and wonderful read~

  8. very cool....very nice working of the form as well...i def enjoy when the games come around to see the amateurs that have worked so hard to be there but also all those that come together...

  9. This line:

    "Pitted against others solely on strength"

    is a stand-out one for me!!
    Great writing, Hank!!

  10. Happily your poem will last much longer than the Olympics. And they seem depressingly endless.

  11. Well done. I'm not familiar with that form. :)

  12. Great choice of topic for our challenge today!

    Just one note: line 2 should also be a (b) rhyme. I'm not sure if you are a stickler for precision (I'm not), but just thought I would point it out.

  13. Kerry Ma'am,
    Thanks! I was trying hard to get the balance between rhyme and meaning. I just can't get it better than strength,planned,fans and man. Near enough I thought.


  14. What a great shout out to those Olympians! Nicely done.

  15. Good to celebrate such a special event. I like your version of the rhyme scheme:
    abaccbdbd,(I think - I can't see the original here) which makes for more variety. Poets should not let the form drive the poem, but the poem should drive the form.

  16. Whoever thought a Huitain would work for the Olypics. Nicely done.