Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Tricks

                                                                                              Zelko Nedic's  black dog
Picture Credit! Courtesy of Tess' Mag

It has been a dog’s life for you
In this dog eat dog world
But don’t worry
Every dog has it’s day
Sure we can’t teach old dogs new tricks
But we’ll make it a challenge
I’ll not work you like a dog
I promise you that
Nor will you be in the dog house
We’ll play it easy
In this dog day of summer
It can be really trying!
Let sleeping dogs lie..let's see!

Ok let’s recap….
Those you’ve understood…

Sit!         ( good )
Stay!      ( very good )
Stand!   ( yes )
Fetch!   ( see how it runs)
Down!   ( ok..ok are all over me)

Ok, we need to go for walks, I know!
We’ll firm up on,  let’s go, heel, come, leave it, among others!

We’ll get in touch with Snoopy and get some pointers..
You like Snoopy?
Speak! ( why no answer?)
You like Lassie?!  ( ok, you like Lassie..)

Gosh! ( teaching old dogs new tricks all over again!)

Written for Tess' Mag 128


  1. All those dog phrases and commands ~ however I don't have a pet, so I can only say I like Lassie the movie ~

  2. lol some days i feel like a trained dog...smiles....roll dead...ok get really, get up...smiles.

  3. Love the closing lines...hehehe!

  4. It's surprising how many dog cliches there are!

  5. Reminds me of that 'blah, blah, Ginger, blah, blah' comic who used to write great greeting cards. Can't remember his name now.

  6. Even the sun shines on a dogs rearend some days haha

  7. That about covers it! I don't think you left out a single one!

  8. Nicely amusing take on the prompt...

  9. Love, love how you incorporated all of those wonderful doggy-isms.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed your take - clever.