Monday, July 16, 2012


Image:1 The pesky camel occupies my bay, my space!

Image:2 I choose to be up here, then

Image:3 Better yet, I'll just piggy back

Picture Credit: Google images

Space is scarce
Space is limited
This basically rules the waves.
The possibilities are varied in most instances
despite all the distractions, camel and all
And there’s no pull from either side

Where have they all gone?
I can only wonder
I need space, parking space!
Shrinking and disappearing
when it’s just hotting up
Can I make a bid?
I’m all crazy
I want a piece of the action

Sharing is believing
Opening up is heavenly
Covering up is sacrilege
I can’t fathom this!

Let's see what gives!

See what I mean?
Can we get organized!

Submitted for Real Toad's Open Link Monday and Theme Thursday with prompt -distractions-


  1. A little organization is good, but also some crazy helps as well. The camel is in the right spot, the other two hmm are not.

  2. haha your verse is rather like a riddle...kinda like finding a parking space sometimes...esp at christmas...

  3. Ha! I see the serendipity in what we wrote, Hank. Good one. Thanks for the very nice comment on my piece for the whirl.


  4. Or.........we could all start riding bicycles! This was a fun read, Hank! I especially love the camel in the parking lot.

  5. I think a camel in my parking space would distract me for days! Very nice!

  6. Those pictures are hilarious. I like your interpretation.

  7. I think it would give me a hue smile to see a camel parked in a parking space, as for the rest..opps indeed LOL

  8. Very funny! I live in NYC where you just give up. k.

  9. Those are crazy spaces..ha..ha...I will give up and go home...Happy day ~

  10. Can't top this one - the Camel has it all to himself in my book. Priceless!
    Thanks for posting this.

  11. Space is scarce....well said...enjoyed the poem. Sharing is believing line is my fav.....

  12. This is good. Loved the words and the photos. Nice close too.

  13. I love the pictures and the story they tell. This piece was very funny!

  14. Interesting. If things are more organised, you may find that there is more space. Not too sure for how long though. Enjoyed the poem and the pictures. :)