Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wind Chimes

 Image:1 Must be placed at a strategic corner to facilitate the flow of energy, the 'chi'.

Image:2 One made of capiz shells. Others are made of wood, bamboo, aluminium and other materials
Picture Credit: Google images

Wind assisted chimes
Restricted repertoire
Melodious sounds

Just enough to please
Boredom restrained, musical
interlude. Soothing

Enhanced flow of chi
When strategically  placed
Fights off afflictions

A dual function
Brings luck and wards off evil
A  Feng Shui device

Shared with Chev's Haiku-blog, Tackle it Tuesday with prompt -wind chimes-


  1. i knew that about them being luck...i really like to just sit and listen to them...they are so soothing...nice one hank

  2. Could use a little luck
    And win a nice big buck
    That is dough
    i.e. letting the money flow
    That second one must have lots of luck
    And prob costs a mighty fine buck

  3. there is a soothing, musical sense to the flow of this piece itself, almost as clear as the effect you are describing. nice write.

  4. I don't know if they fight off afflictions, but they are very pretty to hear! k.

  5. The main problem is that I don't really have a good place to hang one of these. I like the bamboo ones, the sound it makes is nice and not ear piercing like the metal ones. Thanks for reminding me of them with your poem.

  6. Oh, I love wind chimes. My friend had the biggest longest, deepest sounding wind chimes I have ever heard. Each pipe was maybe 4 inches in diameter and the sounds they made were pure magic.
    Lovely write Hank.

  7. cool write Pareng Hank... I miss my grandparent's house. they have all those capiz chimes...


  8. Awesome set of haiku. This set flows with the sound and silence of the wind chimes. Their sound to me is mysterious and magical.
    Thank you for sharing these with Tackle It Tuesday.


  9. You have excelled the subject. Almost I am convinced! Great write.

  10. i like its sounds. it gives a relaxing feeling