Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Photo Credit: Google images

Swirling lazily upwards
Gyrating to the rhythm
Of a sultry strip tease
Smoke rings slowly formed
And slowly disappeared
Into thin air.
His mind blank
He’s used to it.
The chirping
Of birds in the early morning
He could only hear.
He could not see ,
not with eyes half closed
watery, sleepy as expected of the addict in him
who had just secured his fix, disheveled,
fighting off the throes of withdrawal
and patiently waiting,

Anticipating the full effects.
His head groggy, nebulously clearing
The splitting headache slowly diminishing
waiting… waiting…

for the ‘now’!!

laughter at the slightest tickle
no more twitching
no more saliva dribbling
no more drooling
it’s the ‘now’
kaleidoscopic daydreaming!

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt Daydream Believers


  1. To think, I was once an addicted smoker too. Thankfully I quit over 5 years ago.
    This is exactly how a smoking addict thinks, one puff to the next.
    Nice, descriptive visual imagery in this Hank.

  2. Hey, what is this guy smoking?:) Loved this and the pics.It has been 14 years 2 hours and ten minutes for me...Oh Dear!
    Fun poem Kaykuala.

  3. Bren,
    When I was a teenager at school, friends who were dropouts had money to spend on their ganja/marijuana
    I couldn't afford it. I could only observe. I thought I was very unlucky then, for not being able to join them. Later on, it became a crime even for 'possession' and not easily available. Nowadays it means the 'gallows' for possession above a certain amount.

    Aren't you glad it's all over. Many didn't have the will power that you had. Just don't go back to it. Apparently these days it's refined fix unlike the raw 'weed' before. It's much stronger, potent and lethal. It would be a journey of no return!


  4. It's a brave new world that's for sure! I listen to this generation of kids talk about smoking grass like it's the most natural thing in the world. Here in Oregon ... that seems to be the case. I missed the 60s and all the drugs (raising four wee ones) and don't regret it one little bit! Your poem is GREAT, Hank.

  5. Yeah like 95% of the people in university did it and thought it was oh so fun, glad I avoided it.

  6. the imagery of the sultry smoke rings drifting up for sure...but not comes with will surely kill you....

  7. Erm Hank...that was a joke ...I have never been a dope smoker...smells like horse manure and burning rubber tyres...besides I am naturally high,people spend a fortune to get to my natural state:)I was a gasper (nicotine)

  8. rallentanda,
    Gosh,I thought you had suffered! Relieved it was not so! Nice having you here Was a 'gasper' myself decades ago but I'm clean now!

    You've been quite recent to my blog. Keep me company anytime you're comfortable. Have a nice day!


  9. Hank, you really gave a vivid picture of 'using' here. Doesn't seem very appealing; but I bet that is not the kind of image people think of when they first use.....before they are hooked. Glad, so glad, to see you in Poetry Jam~

  10. This is raw truth. So sad, the life of an addict. You create a vivid picture here.

    My addictive substance of choice is - - - chocolate.

  11. Your description of smoke circling is so sensuous! And the rest of your poem certainly does not disappoint, the images are so vivid! Wonderfully written! So glad you joined us over at Poetry Jam this week.

  12. Whoa! This took a totally different direction than what I was expecting. Very cool!

  13. Helen,
    Thank you Ma'am! It's the pull of the peer group. The pull is the same but the diversion is different. It was liquor(50s-60s),drugs(70s-90s),video sames/FB (20s and beyond) Avoid addiction to maintain sanity.


  14. Pat,
    The remaining 5% is not a near miss. These are the ones with the will power.

    Yes, avoidance is a better choice!


  15. Mary,
    The smell, the headache, the saliva, it was pathetic! But they couldn't get out! Hope to be there again, certainly!

    Thanks Myrna! Chocs make better choices!

    Thanks Ma'am! Will try again certainly!

    That's the beauty of free expression I guess! It moves in all directions


  16. Great capture of the smoker ~ Alas, I know it well as my hubby still smokes after all these years ~ He did try to stop but he is addicted. He compensates by smoking moderately, still I can just imagine how it will be years from now ~

    Happy day Hank ~

  17. Grace
    Smoking is the middle road! There is a flare and a finesse around it. These are very minor 'vices' that can be forgiven readily. Thanks Ma'am!


  18. I hate addictions--they kill the body and the spirit. Thanks for bringing awareness to this serious problem.

  19. brain went so extreme...I was thinking heroine...well written, Hank, had me glued in anxious anticipation. They say that nicotine is...hmmm...I seem to have forgotten the precise number but x amount of times more addictive than heroine.

  20. I once watched, via Skype, a dear friend go through withdrawals from crack cocaine... Crawling around the floor on his hands and knees looking for that last little crumb/crystal to smoke and only staying home, not going out to buy more, because I stayed on-line with him for days... *shudders* He's off the stuff these days, but this brought those images back. Powerful words, well done!