Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Golden Retriever

Picture Credit; Google images

In all tranquility, true

Of a  motherly
instinct momentarily
In a quandary

on seeing a baby
alone forlornly
seeing it truly 
A canine caringly
accepting an obligatory
gesture of solidarity
Warding off hostility
of a treachery
Of human villainy
in all indignity
Nonetheless a nonentity
Blind to the possibility
of danger in the vicinity

Smack of ingenuity
A Golden Retriever in all its versatility
Charitable in magnanimity
Extending noble propensity
In all flexibility
Of a complexity
To retain sanity
Of likely tragedy
And take responsibility

Note: The Haiku as highlighted above and incorporated in the free verse

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight week # 51, Haiku Heights -true- and Theme Thursday with 'Life's Uncertainties'


  1. very cool pic...golden retrievers are my fav dogs..and they are caring..taking responsibilty...there are things we can learn from them...nice hank

  2. Claudia
    Thank you Ma'am. Now that you've said it, I'll amend the title and make it more specific. Animal Instinct is a bit too general. I'll think of something.


  3. that is very cool...dogs are like that...cats too...my oldest cat treats my boys like they are her kids...checking on them in bed and watching over them...

  4. Oh, my golden retriever/german shepherd mix Jody died this year. Your capture of some of her best qualities made me tear up. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

  5. dogs are so wonderful, so loving, they are better than humans, and yet we treat them so inhumanly!! when will it end? when will dogs get the respect they deserve?

    sonnet 41

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Is is planned that every single line ended with a 'Y' or pure coincidence. Either way, it's very clever.
    Dogs are (mostly) so much more loving and civil than many humans.

  7. Dogs want nothing more than to share their time with us, respect us, and stay loyal to us. What we deem important, so will they -- we just need to see things through their eyes and respect them in return.

  8. A sweet and thoughtful poem.

  9. Even the cat will agree
    That they are very protective at their sea
    And do cause glee
    As they hang about always looking over thee

  10. Dogs are some of the best people, I find. I enjoyed your rhyming, as well, Hank.

  11. Nice picture ~ I like how the dog is so protective of the child ~

  12. Labradors make wonderful nannies for children.I I remember mine decked out in a full Indian headress sleeping in a teepee in the children's room.

  13. Dogs will mother many, many creatures that aren't dogs. They are amazing.

  14. Excellent word play here, Hank. I love animals of all types, I find them much nicer than most humans.


  15. So sweet. I love it when animals become caregivers for our children. I like how you wrote about this. And the picture goes so well with your poem.

  16. Cool..Golden Retrievers are great. My dog is a yellow lab and she has a caring and sweet personality :)

  17. awww..cute picture, pure love! Lovely post :)

  18. Fun and serious too. Good response to gorgeous photo.

  19. A lot of fun here - I won't say hilarity--solidity - I love Golden Retrievers - your love comes through here. k.

  20. "In all tranquility
    of a motherly
    instinct momentarily
    In a quandary
    on seeing a baby

    So, baby=cub or baby=baby?
    I guess it doesn't matter when the instinct is to stay and guard
    the instinct puts humans to shame and, perhaps, saves lives.

    Thanks for this panegyric!

  21. Hi Hank, I enjoyed your poem...enjoyable to read aloud with the complex end rhymes. Golden retrievers are indeed special dogs.

  22. Hi Hank ~~ Very nice writing and I believe it all. Dogs are caretakers for sure, even of different species including 'man.'

    I love your picture find also.

    Thank you for peeking in on my "G" word alphabet post and for leaving your nice comment.
    My handicap is in the lower 30's but I would love to have yours, as is. I am not very athletic so it may very well stay where it is even with a 'new' knee joint.

    BTW, my Haiku Heights post is here:
    Jim's Haiku Heights

  23. Lovely haiku ~ instinctive in dogs ~ mothering is mostly learned in humans ~ FYI ~ great job ~ nice photo ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  24. You had some fun playing with the words in this one, didn't you! I can appreciate the way you exercise some control over craft, while staying consistent with the subject and theme - that ineffable relationship between humans and our closest animal friends.

  25. When our first child was born our German Shepherd would lay as close to her as possible and not let anyone but my husband and me near her. It was almost like she thought it was her job to protect the baby. And while she was in "guard" mode, no one was brave enough to come near the baby. I think that dogs just have an instinct to protect those they love and will give up their life for them. Maybe that is one of life's certainties.

    Thanks for sharing such great thoughts with us for this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.