Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Champions

Born to rule. They came in
real strong. They swept off
all opposition. She had earlier
secured the coveted title
With her sister they completed
the double. She was there
jumping and occasionally shouting
and grunting. All in the quest of gunning
for the ball, to put it over the net
She had done that for the umpteen times
Between them they exerted their rule
for  many years. The fighting war machine

There was some scare not too long ago
It was something about their health
Both were in the same predicament
Both were hospitalized. For a while it
appeared  bad. But they came away
It was for both, a  clean bill of health
so they proved it... 

by way of being this year's champions
of both the singles and doubles
of Wimbledon

And the icing on the cake?
An Olympic gold no less!

Picture Credit: Google images

Written for d'Verse by describing a personality


  1. they are def extremely talented...and so cool that they have done it together as well...sisters...they def got some skills and have overcome the set backs..

  2. Yeah they've surely persevered and are very very talented, gold they may win.

  3. I didn't follow the game but happy to see them winning the tournament.

    Happy day Hank ~

  4. Their talents are amazing. So strong, graceful, physically powerful!

  5. I thought Navratilova was such a legend, and they came along and made her seem so 19th Century. They are amazing athletes and always exciting to watch! Great tribute. Thanks!

  6. and doing this together as sisters is even more amazing..very cool hank

  7. I don't follow sports, so I don't know them. Great writing, a good one cheering them on and proper tribute. :)

  8. courageous and persistent sisters

  9. They have certainly left their unique mark in the tennis world. Both very, very talented players and, very nice girls too. I love tennis, especially Wimbledon
    Lovely tribute Hank.

  10. I don't follow tennis at all, but still know who these two are. Nice write, Hank!

  11. Wonderfully written and so expressive ~~ thanks, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  12. So totally amazing, I think, that one family has within it TWO super athletes such as this! I enjoyed your poem, Hank.

  13. They are pretty amazing athletes, and seem loving to each other too. Great portrait. k.

  14. This fine tribute to the sister tennis champs is timely, if not overdue. And you hit it running from achievement to closer up, to why it shouldn't have been, and finally to the top of the field of honor. The 6 words about whiteness, though, seems an add in that the poem doesn't need it unless you want to build that point more fully. I know what you mean, but you do not mention black or any of the other possibilities, and you point out the most amazing facts so beautifully.

    Lovely poem!

  15. Susan,
    The reference to white was to the traditional white dresses as imposed on Wimbledon players. Thanks for pointing it out. Now that you've mentioned it,I've suddenly realized it may cause sensitivities which I had not even thought of. I've decided to remove it. It would not make the verse deficient in any way. So it's ok!


  16. They are amazing, aren't they?