Sunday, August 17, 2014

With choice of contending

                                                                                 Attribution: Colin Smith
Image: A Scenic River scene  (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #174
Africa rite grand reborn transgression candle
myself oranges demimonde asylum gray

Out to Africa
A honeymoon of sorts
Amid rites of privileges
Not unlike a grand display
Of being reborn to a new creed
To escape transgression

And myself, me
Mindful of not wanting
To exchange apples for oranges
Would rather reserve a candle vigil
With choice of contending
against demimonde tendencies

This is akin to those
in an asylum lacking
gray matter

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #174


  1. It is so very interesting and intriguing to read the many different paths these words have led us all down. Love "demimonde tendencies"---I found 'demimonde
    to be the hardest word to incorporate seamlessly, but you've done it here.

  2. Great job with the words Hank. I especially liked "Mindful of not wanting
    to exchange apples for oranges".

  3. You were clever with the words Hank, Good write.

  4. The last couple lines sum it up so well.

  5. There seems to be a lot in the asylum lacking grey matter now a days

  6. like how you worked this wordle ... very nice.

  7. Love what you've done with the words this time!

  8. Isn't it enough to contending with the world without battling ourselves but we do constantly. If only we could be like that placid stream.

  9. Hank, you did a great job with the words. Nice.


  10. The Sunday Whirl seems to have disappeared but thanks to its Facebook page I’ve found this weeks’ words. As a temporary measure I’ve put them up on my site along with a Mister Linky thingy-dingy should you wish to participate. It’s all at

    Spread the word brothers and sisters!