Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Man must endure to taste success - A Nonet

                                                               Attribution: Stepping up by Joel Robinson
Image: Ascending a Path on Air (here)

A Nonet is a non-rhyming form. It has
9 lines. The first line has 9 syllables
the second 8 the third 7 and so on

Hank chose a normal Nonet
followed by a reversed form

Procreation a natural thing
Strive to win hand of a maiden
Sadly path is not taken
Ideas pervade his mind
Perfunctory needs
to address first
Sardonic saga

Procure one
Obnoxious but
paltry panacea
Nonchalant female kind
Wrest at the reticent type
Man must endure to taste success
or forever taken as loser

For Sumana Roy's hosting at Poetry Jam  -  path and
Grace's hosting at d'Verse's Poetics: Joel's Photography


  1. An interesting form that suits the content of your poem, Kaykuala.Success often comes at the cost of great sacrifices. Contemplating one's choices later in life may breed regret...

  2. Sarcastic detached tone in this poem - is that because of the syllable counting or the subject matter? To be debated.

    1. You're right Marina! One gets restricted by form and needs a way out!


  3. Most interesting Hank, different from your usual post but I found the mesaage coming across loud and clear.

  4. oh! yes, we need to take the risks

  5. ha, well i guess we all want success and it comes to each in their own measure...i think we have to be careful in our quest for anything that we do not lose ourselves in the process

  6. path of success definitely needs this virtue of endurance..the bantering tone adds a touch of levity that suits the form perfectly...nice lines...thanks for participating Hank :)

  7. ... and no one wants to be a loser. : ) Nice Hank

  8. Very interesting form and one that really works, i like the way you push towards hope.

  9. Yes he needs too or else he is branded a lose ~ Thanks for linking up Hank ~

  10. Hopefully endurance and perseverance will yield positive results in time! Smiles.

  11. Ahh..at the core of human success procreation..and the nine steps down and the nine steps up to success are always looming..:)

  12. dare or be dared -- that's the question I guess

  13. Success does not happen by chance that is for sure.

  14. Have to endure much on the journey of life, success is what it is to a person and it takes a ton of hard work

  15. I guess we all have our definition of success. If it's true love and a family, then it's not good to postpone this, or we may wind up unhappy. That's what I got from your delightful poem Hank. Thanks.

  16. a bit of dark humour in this! Well written!

  17. ah the quest, the quest, it gives purpose to life; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  18. Climbing the stairs to success can be difficult..you know what they say be kind to those on the way up as you might meet them on the journey down. Perhaps, it is about patience and endurance.

  19. So nicely done Hank, very clever and lovely images.

  20. My, My! It might be easier to find partnership before thinking of procreation. This is certainly NOT a portrait of you as a young man. But the path to success in other areas is well described here too.

  21. I especially enjoyed the form here and it seems to fit the mood and message as well! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  22. success can be a fickle thing...sometimes hard to recognize what it truly means to each of us. the double nonet works well together.

  23. The paths we humans take are not always easy, and sometimes made more difficult by the comparing with others, or societal expectations. Excellent write

  24. I have read this a few times now. I think it is too bad to do things because of being afraid of being thought of as a loser by others. Choosing the right reasons, situations and people make for a winner.

  25. Very thought provoking, Hank. And I also enjoyed learning about the Nonet form.

  26. You have me talking out loud. Success is in the eye of the happiness a person is experiencing at the time you ask the question? Many successful people waited too long to have families. Not losers unless they feel like they are. After all not everyone is built for raising a family. But they do amass small fortunes. Most of the young people I know are electing not to procreate. Well done with this form and your write. Something new for me to experience.