Thursday, August 14, 2014

of crisp air that rang out loud

                                                                                    Attribution: Tobias Tobi '87
Image: The largest and longest glacier of the Alps:
the Aletsch Glacier  (here)

Wordle words: 46 out of 47 words used:
life doubt swings fight stood legs fiery strokes 
crashing stern frayed clasped study mushroom 
low ear found asylum dust wings alley luxury 
nose chills crisp air rang fishnet froze white water 
proud claim miles great mirror drapes paper 
fence salt soap bread gone turn face glassy

Life left doubts in his mind
Mood swings dashed his hopes
Desperately he tried to fight
He stood firm on his legs but
fiery strokes kept crashing on him
With stern frayed hands clasped
he thwarted the sturdy flows that
mushroomed low below his ears

He found a way out of the asylum
through dust laden wings out of the alley
He was used to the luxury but his nose
chilled in crisp air that rang out loud

Akin to a fishnet that froze white
in water he was proud to claim miles
of great happenings

Mirrored in drapes of paper
hung over the fence he lamented

Salt soap bread had all gone up
His turn to face up through glassy
eyes found him looking lost

For Miskey's Red Wolf Poems We Wordle 24


  1. Frozen fishnet in the water - I can see it.
    One word shy but damned impressive!

  2. Those miles can sure add on indeed, 46/47 isn't bad at all, nicely done under your sun

  3. Images like salt soap bread, wings dust laden and closing with glassy eyes looking lost, very enjoyable story with vivid writing!

  4. dude. dont know that i could turn 46 words into anything did well
    i am glad he found his way out of the asylum...def impressed

  5. Well done as usual. Very impressive talent.

  6. We went in similar directions - sort of. Sometimes I think the words tell us where they want to go. Finding self is often a challenge. Nice imagery.

  7. Hank. Hank. Hank. You never fail to make me smile with these tricky little beasties. Well done, and a very good read. Thanks for joining in!

  8. Impressive use of the wordle words.

  9. Well done Hank on this wonderful verse, a pleasure to read.

  10. Fantastic Hank what a cavalcade of images, a great read!

  11. Hey you weaved a story out of the words.