Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A home-coming of sorts

                                                                                                         Author :  NASA
Image: Astronaut John Glenn Entering his Mercury
capsule aboard the Mercury- Atlas rocket (here)

Note: On February 20, 1962 Glenn lifted off into space aboard his Mercury Atlas 6 (MA-6) rocket and became the first American to orbit the Earth. After orbiting the Earth 3 times, Friendship 7 landed in the Atlantic Ocean 4 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds later, just East of Grand Turk Island in the Bahamas. Glenn and his capsule were recovered by the Navy Destroyer Noa, 21 minutes after splashdown. -  Wiki

Why mankind chose to go
‘It is not easy ,it is hard’ he said so
JFK voiced it loud and clear
He capped it up with a tall order
‘Before the end of the decade
We’ll have a man in space’ he said

Lots of reservations lots of questions
Safety factors and health considerations
A target was set
It was met
but just!

Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961
Was the first man to orbit in space, a Russian
The US came later with a sub-orbital
When Alan Shepard was launched for just a while
But who showed the world the following year
To orbit the Earth beyond doubt
It was John Glenn’s victorious entry
Space exploration sparked a reality

What with  the extent of cooperation
Mega Labs and Space Stations
Were shared among the ‘spacemen’
With a mission
One big step forward for mankind
When Neil and Buzz stepped on the moon

Sending astronauts up was less of a burden
Mach 2 landing caused some consternation
Capsules landing in ocean’s waters
Was the alternative for the better
Better yet on April 12, 1981
NASA launched its Space Shuttle program
Smooth landing was then a breeze
In between there were some tragedies  

The honeymoon came to an end in 2011
when the space Shuttle was retired
The current Administration
made it a home-coming of sorts
Placing the program to the back burner slot

All is not lost though
as there are entrepreneurs
Offering space tourism as an option
For those with extra cash to throw around

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  1. i want to see us return to space...i was sad to see the shuttle program go away...can you imagine going to space....those early pioneers...while it was fun, you know it felt good to come home and know you made it...

  2. I still recall seeing those first steps on the moon.. and I assume it will not be done again.. there were things to prove.. and we got Velcro out of it at least :-) One of the things that is interesting -- a tribute to Michael Collins.. who might have had the worst job during Apollo 11, and is largely forgotten..

  3. I too recall those first steps on the moon, all gathered around the tv. Well done on an excellent verse and historic topic.

  4. Had to be quite the feeling going to space and making it, then coming back. Brave indeed

  5. Seems like we have really lost our interest in space exploration as a public. Perhaps it's because the novelty of it wore off. Perhaps it's because there is no more of a "race to the moon" so-to-speak.

  6. I clearly remember those capsules bobbing around out there in the ocean. All the milestones and tragedies are engraved in my brain. I'll never forget that moon landing! Thanks for the memories...

  7. I would like to sign up for it but its too expensive ~ What an adventure it must be to ride off into space ~

  8. I'd be scared to go myself, but would love for the Space program to expand. I think we have much to discover and learn.

  9. Nice to think of this perspective of home, the earth ...being able to leave it and come back...amazing....good one Hank