Sunday, August 3, 2014

Success is bliss!

                                                                                     Attribution: T.P
Image: A Commemorative Medallion  (here)

last signal appetite bliss irritation disclose
flamboyant jumbled point sun tire sound

It is now in the grips of a glorious end
The last few events are on track
Still it signals not a tapering off of
the appetite for the elusive gold
for they plod on

Success is bliss and the feeling is great
The irritation of securing a lesser silver
bronze or not at all do affect the
flamboyant who are used to winning
in their home country

They do not disclose their despair
nor disappointments jumbled though
their minds but point taken for it should
spur them on to compete at other times

They are to strive on anywhere under
the sun with friendly folks in competition
They are not to tire but to keep a sound
mind bent on winning

So be it for the sporting spirit!

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #172 and
Mary's Poetry Pantry #212 at Poets United


  1. Very true, all the effort they put it sure makes winning want to come due. That is their one and only goal.

  2. Wonderful post of hard work and determination to reach one's goal.

  3. I do applaud the sporting spirit...even though I couldn't do it myself...we should always try our medal to you Hank!

  4. successwill derail you pretty fast if that is the only goal
    but if finding community together toward a common goal
    then it is def a success

  5. Hank, this was well-written and the story behind it speaks for millions of immigrants who move to other places to start anew. :)

  6. Success, gold and silver end in bliss. What of failure and a token? Such is life , not all gold and silver

  7. Well, the thing is there are only gold, silver, and bronze metals. Hopefully even though people or teams don't win one of them they will still be willing to compete and go as far as they can.

  8. a nice glimpse of the sports world...and a good message.. nicely done Hank :)..Brian's comment is highly commendable...

  9. Interesting, Hank. Like Mary, I hope that those who dont win still know they gave it their all and did their best.

  10. I like the rhyming within the lines. Your topic, however, reflects the loss of personal competition, often completed in the success of just the "race"...where, as a soccer player, no matter the score, it was my best game... :-)

  11. Yes, to come that far, they want the Gold.

  12. Winning is the name of the game but, lets hope all play fair.

  13. Nicely done, Hank. You create the spirit of the games, the glory in the finish! The huge effort.

  14. Often just being a representative of your team is reward enough. That others strive for the ultimate gold is wonderful but it is not life for it is transitory. How sad to see sportspeople fail in other realms of living. However your poem Hank was a gem.

  15. some good points on how to strive and never give up, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin Hank, you have wished me, I am not sure I had wished you

    1. Thanks Lisa Ma'am. You had wished the moment I did, in your heart, I know!


  16. I love the way you brought it to such a stirring conclusion. I am one who admires from afar - not the sporty type myself.

  17. Interesting...
    With a poignant thought!

  18. This could have so many interpretations. Well said and great wordle.

  19. Agree that competition has to accomplish more than just winning medals - friends, sport community, health... ~ Nice use of words. xx

  20. All have been winning so many time.. still at the ultimate test only one will be the top one.. sportmanship can be difficult-

  21. Well done, Hank. I love the sporting spirit.