Saturday, August 2, 2014

sweetness of love

                                                                                              Attribution: muffinn
Image: Loving Couple on the Beach (here)

Note: Hank just can't help relate
sweetness to love in simple terms

Turns sixteen a whole
world opens up to joys of
love and affections

Giving opens door
to getting more when coupled
with sweetness of love

Care to be simple
Takes so little to make him
happy, that is love

For Chev's CARPE DIEM # 531 -  sweetness


  1. The little things sure do make love grand

  2. that middle one is so true on the giving and getting and the real motive behind it.

    so you had a good birthday?

    1. Oh yes, despite getting on the novelty of it is still there. Thanks Brian!


  3. I've never known romantic love to be simple, which is why in my older and somewhat wiser years, I avoid it like the plague!
    If I'd found something such as you describe, I probably wouldn't have felt that way. But as that wise guy Joe Elliott said all those years ago, it's too late for love--at least in my case. I'm not bitter, though. I'm actually much happier this way.

  4. Simple love is easy. Real love is work. But so worth it.

  5. I remember 16 as a tumultuous age, not so sweet--but each one has different memories! ;)

  6. Continue to find sweetness in every moment!

    Honey on fresh berries is indeed sweet.
    Thank you bees! Thank you berries! Thanks to good friends.