Thursday, August 28, 2014

the truth, outcome for those who dare - a Rubayiat

                             Attribution: Edmund Sullivan
Image: Gathering of Elders (here)

A             Sentiments unraveled that of the old
A             Eying what transpired in a small bowl
B             Men of the desert meeting in a tent
A             Seeking to verify what they were told

B             Sensing travels but folded in a bent
B             Infirmed and the sick not considered spent
C             Dreams of a young lover padded to form
B             To long and to hold a cup full of wine

C             Sense of being merry in part with songs
C             Presence of camels were not out of turn
D             Discarded feel simmering in the air
C             Daring to pitch for some likely reforms

D             Let alone sleeping lion in their lair
D             Discussions let it seem to be most fair
E              Pick the best brains forever be grateful
D             Seek the truth the outcome for those who dare

Note: The 10-syllable count is maintained throughout

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse MTB -  the Rubayiat


  1. smiles. ah if only the elders were always the most wise eh?
    its not a role to be taken lightly...some nice slant and b rhymes in this
    as well hank.

  2. Like the idea of seeking the truth outcome. If the truth is attained that is important!

  3. I wish elders from everywhere could simply meet and find a truth we could all agree upon. It seems this will only be a dream, or a poem.

  4. really dug the last stanza; truth only comes to those who dare seek...

  5. Hank,

    Nice job on the form..seeking truth in matters with care..sleeping lions beware..

  6. Those lions can sure strike, but the truth shall come to light

  7. I think the wisdom from elders discussing might prevent the lion of rashness could be kept at bay.. Sometimes all it takes is to sit by a campfire talking.

  8. wow - you really made this tight !

  9. there is wisdom when experienced people gather to discuss things... i wish some politicians had such a group of elders around...

  10. I like the idea of the elders meeting to find out the truth outcome ~ You have followed the form faithfully Hank ~ Cheers ~

  11. well you completed the whole package here... nice job... i almost felt bad listening in

  12. Infirmed and the sick not considered spent... Yes, our elders often possess wisdom that we should listen to, instead of assuming that because they're old, they have ceased to have anything to say...

  13. Liking your subject matter and form. Good reading here.

  14. Hello I am a new follower Cassandra, I thought this an outstanding subject and a privilege to read.

  15. yes...truth needs daring and wisdom...very well written Hank...

  16. Cool use of the form - Interesting subject too. Making decisions about women - same story still going on! Thanks.