Sunday, August 10, 2014

to live life to the fullest!

                                                                                             Attribution: Alvesgaspar
Image: Frustrated Yellow legged Seagull
clamoring to ride on the fast lane (here)

Wordle #173
bend case east eye grain limit
parts straight sound water way lane

one ought to be mindful
of a bend on the road
facing east at sunrise

a case of young hearts
riding but not wanting to see
bent on testing the limits
with just grains of imagination
and a ruthless killing

An eye of conforming in
parts is as little as necessary
to live life to the fullest
That is all it needs

A road crooked is deemed
as straight safe and sound
until it is too late 
To end up in the waters
is nothing new

The way young reckless minds
bid their living in the fast lane
is just astounding!

For Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #213 and
Brenda's at Sunday Whirl's Wordle #173


  1. the fast lane will surely lead us to places quickly
    but they do not always last the longest...
    gotta be careful to make the curves as well..

  2. Neither should we dither, it all comes down to what we do for ourselves and what we do for others.

  3. The fast lane.. When you're young and think you're immortal - those were the days.

  4. By helping others we help ourselves. Great topic Hank.

  5. have to know when to speed up and when to slow down

  6. reckless minds always choose fast lanes...and regret decisions at the end....nice thoughts here Hank :)

  7. But kind of fun...a little fast line driving is needed to learn how to measure things up perhaps? As long as no one else gets hurt...

  8. Ha, one always has to be mindful of those bends in the road. They sometimes happen unexpectedly!

  9. This is another that sounds good but too deep a pond to understand fully.

  10. I'll be humming 'life in the fast lane...' now. Loved this one, Hank!

  11. The recklessness of life is always to abandon care for excitement. Such is life.

  12. Whew. I was sure the bird was going to get hit by the kid driving too fast. (Exhale...)

    Oh, we all remember, back in the day (most of us, anyway), riding that fast lane like our tires would never need to be retreaded. An apt metaphor for life with the driving. Inventive. And, like I said, without bird carnage!! Love, Amelita

  13. A little foolishness goes a long way, have to be careful

  14. When I think back on my fast lane days, I shake. That doesn't mean I regret that young, immortal time.

  15. I'm as astounded as you are, Hank, at the speed and recklessness with which the young plunge in........yikes. I think we might have been a bit more cautious in our day. But everything has speeded up now.