Friday, August 29, 2014

Strains of music soothing to the ears

                                                                                       Attribution: Hila Merenfeld
Image: Deep Penetrating Gaze  (here)

Red Wolf Poem Wordle #25 with words:
holes halls sleeping spiral moment dismissed
looked suits pondered veined solace

An evening out for some fun
Through the various watering holes
Halls often full of the young ones
Set to while away some sorrows

Through with sleeping at any rate
Spiral moments shared among peers
Dismissed from the minds woes of late
Strains of music soothing to the ears

Pondered around for some familiar faces
Meeting penetrating gaze of the other
Garbed in suits quiet in subdued solace
Of veined patterns hiding in one corner

For Irene's at Red Wolf Poem Wordle
and Susan's Poets United - An Evening out


  1. Awake and ready to gaze and then pounce I bet haha

  2. Soothing and then that last line jolted from the blue. Thanks Hank.

  3. I'm glad for your image because your closing lines are made more rich by it...we know then who this other is...thank you for your visit, Hank. Great wordling!

  4. "An evening out for some fun" indeed.. :)

  5. Thanks for being a follower:
    I thought this wonderful, being a lover of music myself I found your words soothing and relaxing.

  6. How neat! Some are out for fun, some to work the crowd--could be cats and yet could be three-piece suits!

  7. nice scene you have set...the cat in your picture reminds me of ours that we lost last christmas....

  8. Thank you for your visit.

    I do believe there were and are times that many have taken solace in the form of some addiction - bar hopping at all hours is just one of them.

    'Cats' come in all shapes and sizes - I like that line about the veined patterns and also imagine a tiger hunting :)

  9. Beautiful photo and great for your poem. I can feel the atmosphere in the bar. Well wordled.

  10. An interesting poem on 'An evening out for some fun' with an underlying seriousness...

  11. That cat had me mesmerized. Part of the "night out" is coming back with something... I guess that could be a hangover