Monday, August 25, 2014

carted nothing of value

                                                                                      Artist: Starry Night by Alex Ruiz
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Sunday Whirl words are:
absence baffles cart bones flight language 
longing rift rickety stutter sustain cliff

Absence did make the heart grow fonder
Baffled him to think that it was ever so true
She had been long gone over the yonder
Considerate though carted nothing of value

No bones to pick but it was a sudden flight
No language to describe the frustrations
Longings taking its toll and not that slight
A little rift and it triggered off a separation

With only a rickety jalopy to move around
Stuttered all the way along the rough terrain
Wishing to sustain love nurtured for so long
He had wished she had exercised restraints

Waiting alone with just a candle for company
Illuminating the night with images he remembered
Moon crescent over the cliff above just as lonely
How to react to rekindled love unrequited

For Tess' Mag #234 with picture prompt above and
Brenda's hosting of Sunday Whirl Wordle #175


  1. That is really sad. Just a few misspoken words can end something beautiful.

  2. What an ache and longing...i think we all carry something of value inside though ;)

  3. A sacrifice like that is one that never wants to get made, carry it with him forever

  4. Wow I can feel his heartache in these words...

  5. 'Absence seemed to make the heart grow fonder' ~ I think, it's the key to cling for in this so painful state...~ feelings're expressed fully in this poem xx

  6. No bones to pick... Well, that would be a first, Hank the Poetry Tank!

  7. His song sung sadly, with not even a bone to pick. Lovely use of your word list, it fits well with our magpie too.

  8. Hank, this is filled with sadness..waiting alone with just a candle..

  9. great lines Hank...he like a candle burning out and countless memories shining bright. ....a very painful sad...

  10. Skilled, smooth and rather moving...

  11. Nicely done....thanks for sharing

  12. Longings taking its toll and not that slight
    A little rift and it triggered off a separation
    - real power in these words Hank

  13. Love unrequited is surely painful! Love and Light, S

  14. I enjoyed the lovely rhyme pattern...nice...

  15. Your moving words make me appreciate the love I have. Thank you.