Sunday, August 10, 2014

In the meantime the world waits!

                                                                                   Artist: Keith Haring
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag #232 (here)

A feeling of intense desire
A feeling of romance
A feeling of conflicting minds
A feeling of compromise

A ring on the finger
Can well usher in the goodness
The clockwork happiness above
is heavenly as everything can
all fall into place

But the confusion and conflicts below
are as hellish as expected to be
Throw in the carnage and destruction
The civilian population is ruefully targeted
They are dismissed as human
shields to justify the killings
All conveniently termed
as collateral damage
The cycle is chillingly real

In the meantime the world waits!

For Tess' Magpie Tales #232


  1. a ring on the finger means as much as the two that exchange them make of them...for better or worse...

    the last bit on the human shields and collateral damage. that just breaks my heart.

  2. Symbols are such a wondrous thing. And the things we--humans--have done and continue to do with them both marvels and horrifies me at times.

  3. A ring can mean a lot depending on who wears it, or nothing at all too. there is always an excuse for what is done.

  4. It's sad when the person who put that ring on your finger is no longer here, but wonderful memories remain.

  5. Oh yes, if only we could end that cycle.

  6. Wow Hank , life imitating the art , well picked up and eloquently illustrated is incumbent in all artists and writers in the decaying west to faithfully report on the atrocities of our crumbling empire , and not go off on some pseudo enlightenment positive thinking tangent ....cheers mate

  7. interesting write Hank..the battle wages on..

  8. A very dark but real take. The word compromise deserves more prominence doesn’t it?

  9. Can't really see any chance of a change in this era anyway.
    Maybe at the appointed hour.
    Loved your take . . . . :) Eddie

  10. A very good take on the prompt...the state of affairs of the world today...sad.