Saturday, August 23, 2014

Familiar with the scenario? - the RPB

                                                                                             Attribution: Thue
Image: An Unlucky Speed Fiend (here)

Just ten minutes into the meeting
Walks in the habitual late-comer
Sporting a sheepish smile
He walks to the nearest vacant seat
All the while flashing that peculiar grin
Familiar with the scenario?

A compact car weaves in and out
Others had to avoid the speeding fiend
One meets it again at the traffic lights
Revving the engine incessantly
That is if he had not beaten the red earlier
Familiar with the scenario?

The one who puts his hand in the till
Or the opportunist given half a chance
Will swipe an unattended item
School bully pushing his weight around
Familiar with the scenario?

Yes, they exhibit adverse RPB
Recurrent Pattern of Behaviour

It may be mild like the late-comer
But if not pulled up in the formative years
They 'promote' themselves into bigger wrongs
Which will be tragic late in the day

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  1. ah, we can def see the patterns in peoples behavior
    and yet we always seem to hope they will change
    or expect something better of them...

  2. Interesting poem. Nurture or nature involved in RPB? Or both?

  3. True,people fall usually in RPB. that is how our biological clock is set. Good thoughts.

  4. Clever one, Hank. That question that ends each stanza makes it all the more personal and I suppose most all of us would answer, "Oh, yeah."

  5. Once I worked with a speed fiend, and as I was driving to work on a snowy day I saw his car in the median where he had lost control. The next week he was there again.

  6. I recall when my husband was alive we were in our car when another car went straight into the back of ours. I had whiplash, husband suffered shock and more shock the next day when told his car was a write off.
    Great verse Hank ,

  7. Intense message driven home here. Very powerful.

  8. Always one thing after another, reckless behavior never seems to change in most until it is too late

  9. So true.. we tend to repeat bad habits.. and sometimes with disastrous results for others.. really there are people who are simply dangerous because of pure neglect.

  10. If that's my car, I'm introuble, Hank!

  11. Now that's what I think this poetic theme should do! Well done. You took a "condition" and then with repetition, and reference elucidated it. Very fine poem.