Thursday, August 21, 2014

Keeping track is more relevant

                                                                  Attribution: Alina Zienowicz
Image: Obesity should not stop
one from enjoying the sun (here)

3WW with words:
sparse impulsive morose

A dilemma something not to talk about
Sparse in his thinking and he can only lament
Not something about which he should shout
Keeping track is more relevant to his elements

Pointed to him the abhorrence of his nature
Impulsive in having his meals just hard to stomach
Granted though it is none of anybody’s bother
He feels morose but not bound by time or luck

It  should not be worrying to him one bit
Not going to lose sleep just bidding his time
What does it matter eat to live or live to eat
Laugh it off and muse ‘obesity is not a crime’

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW # 38


  1. it is not...i wonder if it was how many would be arrested...ha
    our nation is def one that does not seem to have a problem feeding our pleasures...and i am not sure that is a good thing...

  2. It's not a crime...but I worry about the health of our nation as a whole here in the states. We eat everything fried LOL

  3. A good subject Hank, why worry about your weight? some people are meant to be larger than others, as long as they eat healthily.
    Good write.

  4. Not a crime at all, but some need to get off their butt and exercise. I have no sympathy for people who just let them self go and then get health issues, they brought it on them self.

  5. Ah, you came up with a double-edged sword here, Hank! On the one hand, cellulite spilling from bathing suits on women is no healthy, and often their kids (as witnessed here) have the same diet. Neither is the "my distended liver oozing out of my Speedo because of the beer and brautwurst every weekend" look on men. Socioeconomics and unequal education opportunities have created a McDonald's and Slurpee culture, future diabetics.

    And yet, there is the idea that everyone is entitled to self-esteem. My thought is that, if the young get the proper self-esteem, they might want to start taking care of their bodies... this is NOT the job of schools, but of overweight parents.

    And thus my head is chopped off by the aforementioned sword!!! Food for thought, literally! Love, Amelita

  6. absolutely ' obesity is not a crime' , nicely woven

    Wait Over

  7. In some circumstances it can i think you in the western world at least certainly can be an enemy...