Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life of a Nut-cracker

                                                                   Attribution: Gerd Eichmann
Image: Wooden Nut-cracker (here)
                                                                   Attribution: Sally King
Image: Living Nut-cracker (here)

Wordle words:
petrichor (the scent of rain on dry earth) 
contempt emaciate dwelling scathe dearth 
muttering restraint  monster  starless fleas wall 

Heavens disturbed unleashed heavy downpour
The morning after reeks of light petrichor flavor
Contempt of decomposing leaves on jungle floor
Refusing to be intimidated by all the rain-water

Emaciated a thin nut-cracker emerged hungry
From its dwelling a holed up tree trunk’s sanctuary
Unscathed of hibernation’s long period of inactivity
Of dearth of nuts in its larder muttering incessantly

Guarded restraint mindful of monsters scouring
Starless nights lately were a damper to hunting
Fresh nutcracker just emerged a gourmet offering
Free of fleas walled up for months a meal in a blink

The will to stay on alive
Determination to survive
Extending the progeny
Non extinct is obligatory

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Wordle #20 and
Claudia's d'Verse at Poetics - Telling a story


  1. Not sure I could go that long of a period like they do, but they have the will and can give the cat a thrill

  2. Wonderful subject Hank, each day I feed the squrriels that come into my garden. Great to read.

  3. That is the original nutcracker all right. Can squirrels have fleas? Thought they were so hyper fleas wouldn't be able to keep up.

    1. I don't know really. Logically you may be right. But our Scottish Fold was jumping and running around in the house. It still needed to be bathed to flush off the ticks (are ticks the same as fleas?)


  4. nice...my wife has collected nutcrackers since she was a little girl...she was a ballerina for 18 years....squirrels are some of my fav animals too..so playful...

    and hey this fits for poetics today as well...

  5. Hank I don't seem to be getting some of your post ......should this be happening?

  6. I love squirrels...I see them all the time at the college campus that I work at :)

  7. love me squirrel... sometimes i see them on my bikeride to work... would love to talk to one one day...smiles

  8. The intensity in those squirrels harvesting is quite impressive... I see them in my garden sometimes.. It's still too early for acorns and nut -- but soon they will start to stash up.

  9. I see squirrels everyday running around for their nuts, smiles ~

  10. love the last stanza most..."Non extinct is obligatory" wow...

  11. The will to live exists in all beings, I think!

  12. i love squirrels..they are the cutest little beings..also liked your closing lines..

  13. iHeart squirrels.. theyre the cutest!! Our neighbours tabby ate many in our house though :(

  14. Well done Hank, great use of the wordle and squirrels we have none in my country.

  15. I like how you incorporated all those interesting words into this story of the original nutcracker! I enjoy watching the squirrels in our grove. (BTW, fleas and ticks are very different...)

  16. How nice that non-extinct is obligatory. And this is a very Biblical story, reminding me of that old testament interpreter of Dreams, Joseph.

  17. I love this and so creative because this theme never even occurred to me excellent!

  18. Amazing and so simple and so ignorant it seems that some people cannot determine the meaning of life..as you so eloquently put here through the eyes of the nutcracker in the greatest ballet of all..the extend the progeny of life just one more generation for on and on..as the struggles of our rodent ancestor 75 million years ago..we can credit 'his' gift of struggle for conversation wRite now..:)