Monday, December 15, 2014

Youngsters with hopes

                                                                                  Author: Clement C Moore
Image: Santa with his Reindeer (here)

The given words:
aloof misshapen skim brume(mist,fog) envelope emblem
discreet anonymous clock throb chantage(Blackmail) temples

Aloof with the misshapen idea of creating angels
Aloof for not being seen
Extending the goodness of happiness
Skimming the brume of the darken skies
That envelops the nights
An emblem of honor

Smiles as wide as the blessed soul
Still accomplishing it most discreetly
Anonymous through the years
Santa and his reindeer
around the clock
But only for fleeting moments

That is how he is remembered
Images of his presence playing on the minds
Youngsters with hopes
Asking for the world
Asking even for the impossible

For all the ho! ho! ho! spirit and festivities
Keeping them alive through the ages
Parents faithfully slogged
To meet the aspirations of their wards

Happiness throbbing in their hearts
More than made up for all their parent's sweat
In getting bigger stockings
To stoke the anticipations
Of a great present

Some children can impose certain chantage elements
But parents being parents take them for love
Temples of faith for the believers
Greenery of thankfulness
Are what parents hope for 
Early Christmas feel blowing in the air

For Yves' hosting at Mindlovemisery's 
Menagerie Wordle # 39


  1. Excellent Hank, how innocent youngster are of all the bad things happening in the world, all they see is the good. Hope it stay that way.

  2. Parents sure do slog away many a day and kids believe in the impossible, a nice way to see the world

  3. We do love our kids... nice Hank

  4. it is nice to feel the holiday spirit in the gets out on kids will have lots of time on their hands......i am glad for a moment they can get lost in the joy....

  5. The world is still full of wonder to them

  6. Beautiful ... and yes alas the chantage of the little bligh ... blessed angels is mistaken for love, but then so are all those gifts given.